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Your Final Assignmnet

Your Final Assignmnet

It’s that time of year.  Kids are getting out of school for summer.  Can you believe the year is almost half way complete?  Where does the time go?

As we prepare for vacations, time with loved ones, flip flops, and tank tops, I have a final business building assignment for you.  No, K TV isn’t going away for the summer but many of you will take time off and that’s ok.  BUT before you do, I am asking you to complete one final assignment.

When you hear this assignment you’ll be tempted not to do it.  Your brain will try to convince you it’s a waste of time and that you have better things to focus on.  As your coach I am asking you to ignore that urging from your mind and complete the assignment.  Saying yes to this homework takes less than 60 seconds and will build upon one of the tools we learned in a previous K TV ultimately leading to increased success in your business.

Your final assignment before summer is inside.  Will you accept it?

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