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You sold ME, so here it is for FREE

“You’re a bad mom because your daughter is on her phone all day while you work.”

“You need to be doing more to help others despite feeling depleted yourself.”

“What is the matter with you?  Why can’t you be the leader your community needs now more than ever?”

I know logically these thoughts are not true, but I still feel them despite having coaching skills to work through those limiting beliefs. 

Everything feels hard right now…being a mom, a CEO, a wife, a human.  

Last week I cried more than I did all of last year. 

Monday I taught a pitch free class and coached business owners as they navigated these tough times.  We talked for nearly 2 hours and at the end I wanted to do more to help. 

So, as we had our team meeting this week, my team came up with how we can give more to your business during this time. 

In March, I taught a free class about Buyer Psychology and social selling. 

In my nearly 10 years in business we have never had so many requests for a replay, which means the material taught was new and not the stereotypical business building advice.  It was impactful. 

Under normal circumstances I would not re-release free training, but because you all have done such a good job on “selling” me on why you need it, we’ve made it available for you until the end of the month. 

But that is not all.  

Now, through the end of the month, you can get FREE access to TWO of the most popular classes inside of Authentic Selling® University.

Your Sales Mindset  & Working Through Sales Objections

I’m not the person to help you navigate your emotions during this time, clearly I’m trying to deal with my own.  

But I can help your business thrive and help more people now and when things get back to whatever post pandemic looks like.  

Your free access to this Authentic Selling® bundle is good through the end of April so click here to get started. 

Sending you hope and health. 

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