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You Find Time For What Matters

You Find Time For What Matters

(In a rush? Scroll to the end for the Authentic Selling Recap.)

Time For What Matters

Some days, being a business owner can feel like you’re fighting a never ending battle for time, money and freedom.

So if you’re still saying…

  • “I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another course until I finished the other 20 collecting dust in my bookmarks.”

Then know this; we make time for what we care about (like watching Olivia Pope “handle it” on Thursday nights!).

Procrastination is usually code for: I didn’t get the support and engagement I needed, so I gave up or got bored.

Sales School Promise

With the Sales School promise, I assure you, that won’t happen.

  • “I can’t afford this right now.”

This year, we’re offering 4 month payment plan to make it easier for you and a FREE, one-on-one session with me when you sign up. Are you booked-out for months? Are you making the money you want? Do you feel comfortable and confident selling? If the answer is “No”, then can you afford NOT to make a change? I’d rather put my money on a proven sales program that students, on average, make 3x their investment back in a few short months vs. programs that offer a prayer of making “IT” happen someday.

  • “I don’t know if this will actually work.”

I’ve shared real results from real businesses. I’ve given you lifetime access. I’ve even added the Sales School promise, so you literally CAN’T FAIL…and you can make your investment back in as little as 90 days. And if you don’t, we’ll hop on the phone so we can figure out why you’re not getting the results you want.

I’ll just give it to you straight: These objections, while sounding logical, have your business growth and profit potential in a chokehold.

I’m talking about…

  • The coach or consultant who spends most of their day on discovery calls and loses all hope of turning that prospect into a customer as soon as they hear: “I can’t afford you”
  • The underbooked freelancer who is constantly caught in a feast or famine cycle, fretting about whether the mortgage is going to get paid that month
  • The early-stage entrepreneur who is struggling to turn their side hustle into a full-time gig, and is getting discouraged by the crickets after every sales call or proposal sent

The truth is: You don’t have to…

  • …book 20 more discovery calls this week to get hired
  • …slash your prices by 15% to undercut competitors
  • …or wake up at 4am to squeeze in more work

You have to learn how to unsubscribe from the “my product is all that matters” mantra and start seeing selling as a non-negotiable skill set.

You have to genuinely engage your audience and get them eager to share you with all their friends like a cherished, southern succotash recipe.

And more than that, you need your community to be happy to hand over their money because they believe in the value and results you provide.

Authentic Selling® is what will unlock this kind of exponential growth, financial freedom, and confidence for you.

So do me a favor and make this refreshing reframe: If learning how to sell authentically and effortlessly meant $10K months, 6 months wait lists, and $25K projects…would you find the time and money to do Sales School?

Hesitation Has You Stuck

I’m betting yes. And in most cases, your only hesitation is that you’ve been burned before by courses that didn’t give you the desired results.

You’re right to be skeptical, but Sales School is different. And it works: You’ll sell effortlessly without ever feeling like a sell-out, you’ll be able to handle the “I can’t afford you” objection without stuttering, and you’ll convert consistently with less effort.

You don’t even have to take my word for it. Take theirs…

“I booked 52k in business in one week.” – Laura Husson

“I just booked a $24k project and have five more possibilities on the books.” – Emily Thompson

“Sales School has been the single most effective thing I’ve paid for.” – Lisa Harrison

Don’t sit on the ropes while your competitors beat you to every punch, every customer, every sale.

Get equipped with the right sales tools, training, and game plan to get the profitable business and flexible lifestyle you want today.

Join the 600+ other Sales School students who are taking control of their own success.

I believe in you & your business.

Authentic Selling Recap:

  1. Humans are really good at finding an excuse for anything.
  2. Sales School can help you overcome those excuses and make your business grow. Effort+Sales School = REAL results!
  3. As a Sales School Bonus, get a FREE, one-on-one session with me when you sign up.(closed now)

P.S. Would it be helpful if you could hop on the phone with me to make sure Sales School is the right choice for you and your business? Email me to get your questions answered or make a phone appointment through my lovely assistant:

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