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You Better Believe This Was My Biggest Mistake

This may (not) come as a surprise – but I’m not perfect. In fact, I’m made some downright, absolute business blunders. Due to my Southern stubbornness, I’ve had to repeat the same lessons over and over (and over).

And, while I’ve spent time working on the wrong niche, invested in programs not meant for me, and wasted energy on strategies that just didn’t work, none of those are even close to my biggest mistake ever.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in business, was thinking that hard work would get me where I needed to go.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m off my rocker – of course you need to work hard, right? You’re right. But hard work alone won’t get you there. 

Believing I needed to simply work harder to make 7 figures was a mistake that almost cost me my business. 2015 was my most successful year yet—and I almost lost it all.

I was hustling as hard as I could because my 2015 goals were my biggest ever. But my results weren’t what I wanted:

  • I got a concussion from playing with my dog and ended up in bed
  • I missed the trip of a lifetime due to illness and ended up in bed
  • Had phantom pain in my ear that was so painful I would vomit and ended up in bed
  • I had shingles and ended up in bed

Sense a pattern? Yeah – I didn’t. It seems like it should have been crystal clear what a higher power was trying to tell me, but I missed it altogether. I had goals to meet, people to help, and a business to grow. I actually believed I would enjoy my life and rest in a few years—after the million were made and the book was written.

And then one day, I just had nothing left. I was:

  • Exhausted
  • Skipping time with my family
  • Dropping balls at work
  • Missing opportunities
  • Eating boxed pizza three to four times a week
  • Working through lunch
  • Putting in 14+ hours a day

Someday, I’ll go into the whole turnaround story but, for now, focus on the the idea that hard work will only take you part of the way there.

You actually have to focus on the negative thoughts running loose in your head. You need to understand energy and how it works for your business. You also need to get down and party with ease. And, most of all, you need to believe.

You need to believe that your business, your service, and you can change people’s lives. You need to believe that you deserve the life you’re trying to build. And that you can do it. [TWEET THAT]

You’ve got to believe enough to put in the hard work, make the big ask, spend the cash, put in the sweat, and take the break when you need it. You’ve got to believe.

Your Authentic Selling Challenge for the week is to tell me in the comments below what you believe about your business. That you can make 7 figures? That you can buy your dream house? That you can survive to next month? Tell me. And then believe you can make it happen.

I absolutely believe in you and your business.

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