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Write An Email That Sells (Take-N-Tweak)

Write An Email That Sells (Take-N-Tweak)

Have you ever shared an awesome offer or free call with your email list only to find your people unresponsive?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why no one signed up for your game changing offer then today’s K TV is for you!

You can market your offer flawlessly, even a free offer, but if you don’t sell it, you’re likely to end up with disappointing results. (Tweet That Here!)

I see too many business owners with amazing things to share struggle with email list they find challenging and unresponsive I created a Take-N-Tweak section of K TV! I’m going to walk you through the exact steps of creating an email that sells your product or service to your list and then I’m going to share an example that you can take and tweak to meet your own business!

Get your Take-N-Tweak Email example here!

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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