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Who's On Yours?

Who's On Yours?

Welcome to week four of the Remix Your Biz Challenge!  Holy wow, has this been fun and the feedback I’ve been hearing from some of you has made me super excited to see what you will create in 2014.

One of the goals of the Remix Your Bix Challenge is to provide you with some new, fresh, but vital foundations so that you can set yourself up for success beginning in January.  You can check out the past three weeks for review or if you missed one.  Hey, I get it.  It’s a BUSY time of year!!

Let’s jump into this weeks challenge!

Do you remember the television show which was turned into a movie recently called the A-Team?  I’ve included a little visual refresher below. (Hey any excuse to include a pic of Bradley Cooper!)

So what’s the A-Team got to do with you biz and this week’s challenge?

You will have to watch K TV to figure it out but know that this foundation, personally, makes me a more successful business owner, creating and delivering better content each week.

Warning, this foundation is often attempted by many and many have ended up creating a huge distraction rather than helping their business;  however,  when you apply this correctly, it will rock your business world.  (Tweet That Here)

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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