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Who can YOU TRUST with your business

Happy 2023! First things first, I decided our intro needed an update.

How many of you remember the greeting of the first five years, Hey Beautiful?

Next we progressed to Boss Lady. By the way Boss Lady always felt off in my body, but I did not trust that feeling so we only ran with Boss Lady for a short time. I now realize that I felt off because we have both women, men, non-binary, gender fluid, and just basically incredible humans as part of the Authentic Selling® Community!

Shortly after I moved to Brilliant Business Owner, which has been the go to way I chose to greet you for the past several years.

I am ready to do some things differently in 2023, let go of my mistakes and live up to the highest version of myself as a business owner, mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, woman, and all around human.

That starts with pruning what no longer fits.

So allow me to introduce you to the greeting for 2023, Hello Gorgeous Human!

Today we kick off our 2023 season of Authentic Selling® TV.

What is ASTV and Why Is it WORTH YOUR TIME?

Authentic Selling® TV is a youtube show that brings 2 episodes a week to your inbox.

The promise of ASTV is that each episode will have a take away that is up to date with what’s working, what’s outdated, what’s a waste of your time, and that ultimately allows you to do two things:

> Find & Close more ideal customers.


> Find more customers AND have more customers find you as well.
> Sell without the ick and without losing hours of your life doing all the things with little return.
> Close more customers, which means you’re doing work that excites you and your business makes more money.

You will notice a slight change in ASTV this year as I am stepping into more speaking now that Halianna is in high school. So you will see me speaking not just to online business owners, but also how Authentic Selling® can be applied to corporate pitching and corporate selling.

As sure as my hair is red, what you uncover in ASTV will help you make 2023 a defining year for your business.

Who Can YOU TRUST with your business in 2023?

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

The past two years have created a massive influx of people entering the online world, combined with the simple truth that what worked in the past isn’t creating the financial freedom everyone promises.

An example of what’s not working the way it used to is scaling. What a buzz word this is in our industry. Everyone wants scale, but businesses going after scale are in for a rocky 2023 if they do it the way it’s always been done.

You see this in your own business, right? Do you really want another group program that you get lost in or do you want one on one attention that is custom to your business and holds you accountable?

I’m not saying that scaling is impossible, but the old way is done in 2023.

What’s scaling got to do with being trustworthy?

Understanding that the experts or self proclaimed experts teaching one size will work for all are at best not up to date and at worst are selling you what will work for 20% while blaming the other 80%.

Let’s start the year off right with a few clear steps to understanding who you can trust in your business in 2023, right here on the first episode of ASTV in 2023!

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