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When You'll Hit Six Figures

Hey Beautiful,

Today’s KTV kicks off a new segment called #OBT. What is OBT? You have to watch to find out, but I can promise you that you don’t want to miss this!

I had many questions when I was a new business owner. I left a successful six-figure career and I needed to know how quickly I could replace that money.

Many business owners want to know the answer to this question. Some people even asked me how long it took me to hit six figures in my business.

I love money, but answering this question makes me squeamish. Here’s what you need to know: I’ve been in business for about 3 years. Yes, I’ve hit six figures in revenue. My goal is not six figures; it’s to make a million by 40. I will set another financial goal when I achieve that one.

Now that you have that information, what do you do with it? The information in today’s KTV will get you closer to your goals because I’m going to share how I got to six figures and what you can do to speed up your progress toward your financial goals.  (Tweet about this KTV here)

Are you ready for the first ever #OBT?  Don’t miss this last 10 seconds if you need a laugh!

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