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When To Tweet

When To Tweet

Sometimes, with all the social media options, it feels like drinking water from a firehose—there’s just so much at once!

I’ve seen clients lose their entire day, spending hours commenting, posting and replying.  Social media isn’t just for updating your status; social media has excellent selling power and statistics show it’s becoming increasingly important for business.

Social selling is so important it needs to become part of your sales process.

The secret to attracting more clients through social media, is using your time wisely and efficiently.

Today’s Authentic Selling™ Challenge is going to share the exact times of day to get the most out of Twitter.

So, when is the perfect time to Tweet?

According to Buffer, the best times to Tweet are during commutes and lunch times, specifically 8-10 am and 1-3 pm.

Your Authentic Selling™ Challenge, should you chose to accept, is to schedule a Tweet about your freebie or latest offer during these optimal times. Give this a try for the next four weeks and see if this stat proves true for your business.

After you’ve set your schedule, let me know in the comments below when you plan to Tweet your offer—and attract more clients!

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