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When it doesn’t go as planned

When it doesn’t go as planned

This is a BIG day here for me personally and I hope you will see yourself in this story as well.

When I started this business nearly 11 years ago, I learned from Marie Forleo and I knew I wanted to have a blog/vlog similar to Marie TV.

I went out and hired the best video team in Chicago, but I was brand new and could not afford to keep up with professionally directed, shot, and produced videos weekly.

So I started filming myself and they were good enough for the next 9 years.

Last year I hired a team of experts to help me realize that dream of weekly professionally filmed content for the Authentic Selling® Community.

It’s fair to say everything that could go wrong…did go wrong.

Despite having made a BIG announcement in 2021 that we were launching a new Youtube show called Redhead Rules, I pulled the plug.

I sulked, pouted, and cried because it seemed as if I had failed again to the caliber of video I wanted for you.

If you’ve been here for a while you know the last two years have been more than a challenge, but have caused me to rethink everything we do as a company.

Eventually I went back to the drawing board for the Youtube show.

Nearly a year later, I am honored and thrilled to welcome you to the first installment of the newest Youtube show that I initially dreamed up almost 11 years ago.

Special thanks to Jessica Whalen of Jessica Whalen films for making this a reality and for believing in this vision. Jess was here during the upside down and her guidance righted this show.

Thank you for being here and providing me the space to finally see this dream, despite it all going wrong a few times, take shape.

And now it’s time to take a look at the first episode of the updated Authentic Selling® TV and a sneak peek as to why we pulled the plug on the show last year.

Get ready to laugh, ya’ll!

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