What’s Your Belief Gap?

  1. I was beyond nervous.
  2. I felt like a kid trying to ride a bike alone for the first time.
  3. I considered going back to what I knew, what was comfortable and easy.

What if no one understood? I could ruin my business reputation if this fails.

This is the place I found myself in about a week ago when I was asked to speak at Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online Conference, which was phenomenal.  (I highly recommend adding this to your must attend list next year.)

BUT Jenny asked me NOT to speak about selling.


What else would I talk about?

I travel all over the world speaking about how you can take the ick out of your sales process and still get more clients, make more money, and do what you love.

WHY would I NOT talk about selling?

And then the nerves and doubt started to kick in.  But just like you do every day, I chose to rise up and honor this opportunity to make a difference and do things differently.

So I ask you the same question that I asked that room full of brilliant business owners as I was shaking in my Valentinos. 

“What’s your belief gap?”