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What You Can Learn From Miley

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming because I could not resist sharing this sales lesson now.  Sometimes in sales, you have to strike while the iron is hot and this is one of those times!  K TV will return next week with an updated video but please take a moment to read this week’s tip rather than watch!  You’ll be glad you did!

Unless you’ve been locked away in creation mode you’ve likely heard or seen the footage from the MTV video music awards and the “twerking scandal” surrounding Miley Cyrus.  It’s makes no difference if you’re a Miley supporter or if you were appalled at the performance for our discussion today.

Miley Cyrus used one of the most effective sales strategies possible at the VMA and I’m not talking about the old “sex sells” strategy here.  Every business owner or anyone selling a product can learn something crucial from the twerking event.  I even coach my clients to do this exact same thing and believe that one of the reasons I’m successful is because I was able to implement this into my business.

What is the secret?


 You have to create buzzzzz about your product or service if you want to sell anything.  People need to know who you are and know how your product is different. (Tweet That Here)

Many new business owners think you can simply put up a website, have a party, and the your people will find you.  It’s the old “If you build it they will come” thought process.  That thinking is just plain wrong when it comes to business.  If you are unable to create buzzz about your product or service, then you’re likely to experience disappointing results and many sleepless nights wondering if “it” is ever going to happen.

I’m not suggesting that you do something potentially offensive to your audience to grab their attention but I am firm that you must do something powerful and that starts with knowing how you are different from every other coach, healer, business out there.

What Miley Cyrus did Sunday night at the VMA’s created buzz.  Twitter set a new record for tweets during her performance with over 306,00 tweets per minute. Every news outlet was discussing the event by Monday morning.  Even my husband, who hasn’t listened to anything other than sports channels on regular radio for the past 15 years, came in asking about what Miley did at the VMAs.  That is some major buzzzz.

Again I’m not suggesting you film yourself twerking to create buzzzz about your brand or business but if you’re going to make money doing what you love every day, applying this strategy will spark your sales!

So how do you begin to create “positive buzzzzz” about your product or service?

1.  Know how your product is different from others.

2.  Tell your potential clients how you’re different or what sets you apart.

3. Repeat steps one and two consistently.

This sounds so simple but most business owners do not do this.  I guarantee if you create positive buzz about your product or service, your people will seek you out allowing you to do what you love every day, make money, and help others.  What could be better than that?

Questions, comments, statements,  welcome below!

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