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What To Say When They Need To Discuss With Partner

What To Say When They Need To Discuss With Partner

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In 2016, I’m going back to my roots. I’m only doing the things that are aligned with the southern, results-based business I’ve created.

Today, I’m taking a page from the handbook of the one and only Marie Forleo. I’m dedicating this space to answering a question I hear often as I work with you to make more money, get more clients, and impact the world around you.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve wondered this exact question from time to time. This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge will ensure you’ll never wonder how to answer it again.

The Question:

How do you respond when you get to the end of the sales conversation, the person likes your offer but then comes the objection “I’ll need to talk to my husband / partner / family first?”

C’mon over here to learn the exact words to say when you hear this objection at the end of your sales conversation.

Overcoming client objections is one of the most difficult parts of selling because most businesses perceive objections as bad.

First, an objection is something that a potential customer says that prevents the purchase from happening right then and there.

Some common objections are:

  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “Now isn’t the right time”
  • “I need to think about it”

Now that you’re clear on what an objection is let’s cover the 3 steps to overcoming this specific one.

Step one:

Take a moment to really understand how it feels to want to discuss a decision with a partner.  

Step two:

Create a PDF or something shareable that you can send to your potential customer. Have her print it out and jot down questions the partner has about the product or service you’re selling.

Step three:

Follow up to see what the partner had to say and address any further objections.  

It’s that simple.

When you learn the exact words to use to overcome any and all objections regardless of your selling style, your business makes more money allowing you to help more people.

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