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What To Do When Your Coach Is Failing?

What To Do When Your Coach Is Failing?

Throughout April, we’re covering some hard topics on KTV.  Last week I shared how to respond when a client isn’t getting results.

This week, we’re looking at the other side of the coin: What to do when you’ve paid an expert, consultant, or coach and they’re not delivering.

It’s your job as the business owner to tell someone you’ve hired that you’re unhappy with the results.

By the end of today’s K TV you will learn

  1. Three questions you must ask yourself when you’ve hired a coach and aren’t pleased with the outcome
  2. How to have a professional conversation with the consultant who isn’t delivering
  3. And how to get what you paid for

How to get the most out of K TV

Step One – Wonder: What to do when someone you’ve hired isn’t delivering

Step Two – Watch: The Terrific Tuesday Tip Of The Week on K TV

Step Three – Implement: Ask yourself the three questions you’ll learn this week to get clear on your relationship with your coach.

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