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What To Do When A Client Isn't Getting Results

As an expert, have you ever wondered what to do when some of your clients don’t get results?

I once paid for a high-priced coach and later found out that she called me “whiny!” It infuriated me at the time.

I now realize that what she meant was that I was upset for not seeing any results when I was not implementing her instructions.

Here is the crucial point: I did not know HOW to do what I was told.

Take away #1. Make sure that at the moment when your clients buy in, they understand what the plan is and how to follow that plan in order for them to succeed.

By the end of today’s K TV you’re going to learn:

– A new way of defining the word “coach” so you deliver better results for your clients or get better results when you invest your hard-earned money to work with an expert;
– What to do when a customer isn’t getting results he or she expects;
– How to become the kind of coach that you want to be – good or amazing; and
– How to deal with “whiny” clients and how to deal with a client who refuses to follow the plan you’ve mapped out for success.

Now before you jump in, there are some basics to cover. The information shared in today’s K TV is for coaches who are making money and have witnessed real results from clients. In other words, you already know your process and strategies, as well as tips that work.

Take Away #2. Be the coach you were paid to be and have tough conversations with your clients. Find out how here.

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