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What Superstar Women Know About Cutting To Do List In Half

What Superstar Women Know About Cutting To Do List In Half

As I prepared to launch Sales School 2015, I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off (which is a good ol’ southern saying for you)!

  • At that time, I had a high-end, private coaching experience with 10 women
  • Sales School had become the leading sales training for female business owners
  • I had paid $50k to work with Ali Brown to teach me what I needed to do to hit 7 figures in my business

And yes, before you roll your eyes and think “Gag”, I was 100% time deprived, dropping balls, forgetting birthdays, getting ill, and just not myself.  

You Can’t Run A Business This Way

This is no way to run a business that makes money, but my thought process was flawed. When you start a business, you say “Yes” to anything and everything to get exposure. I often joke in the beginning you get paid in:

  1. Exposure
  2. Experience
  3. A little bit of money
  4. AND Exhaustion!

I was obsessed with growth and hitting a million dollars in revenue in 2015, which is ridiculous to me at this point, 2 years later.

As I was planning and budgeting how I was going to hit the ever-elusive goal, Brooke Castillo said to me, “What would happen if you only focused on Sales School and let go of everything else?”  

The result was my first $250,000 launch.

It’s Not That Easy To Drop Everything

Although I was able to focus my time on the launch, the business still had to run and the items I was spending my time on still had to get completed.

So how did I make the change from doing everything, saying “Yes” to everyone, to focusing on Sales School allowing my business to hit $250K in revenue?

Strut yourself over to today’s Sell Like A Woman TV here to find out.

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