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The best investment I ever made!

“I decided to go for it only 2 months after starting full-time on my business. I was afraid because it not only was a big investment but with our currency exchange in Brazil it was actually close to 7K in our currency but I knew it would change everything.

It was THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE. As business owners, we can’t do our work unless we know how to sell it. And not only sell, but feel good about it knowing the difference we make in people’s lives. Kendrick gave me all the pieces that were missing for me to be able to enroll all the clients I wanted and creating fans that recommend me to other amazing people. Selling stopped feeling like I had to prove my value and instead it’s about how much I can help them. Even with the currency exchange it paid itself multiple times already. One client even hired me for a second bigger project and sent me 2 more clients already. That’s what happens when we do the common things uncommonly well!

Authentic Selling® University allowed me to make the kind of money and work I wanted and grow my business in crisis time in Brazil. Just imagine what it can do for you.”

Lais Cerutti Scorteg
CLASS of 2018

“I have been doing really well with my discovery calls! I’ve had 4 in the last couple of weeks, and 3 converted. The other one is still a very warm prospect. I have 3 more coming up soon, and feel so confident, and I just wanted to say thank you so much! <3

Amrita Madhusudan

“The biggest value I got from Authentic Selling® University was moving away from feeling afraid to sell strangers on my services over the phone to being excited to get on a call and use Kendrick’s proven techniques.

The transformation has been 180; now I feel guilty for NOT selling potential clients on my services, because I feel like I am denying them the chance to get the
educational or professional opportunities of their dreams. And often times, if I don’t sell them, they could possibly miss out on thousands of free dollars or waste thousands of dollars going through another round of applications.

It has also helped me to learn that “Your client’s money is none of your business.” Get in Authentic Selling® University so Kendrick can teach you this TRUTH. Kendrick teaches you in Authentic Selling® University that if someone really believes you can help them, they will find a way to pay. A few days ago I had a post-service consult with a very pleased client who I gave a discount (I don’t say this to toot my own horn this was one of those aha moments). She lamented how much she did not have enough to pay me full price at the time… I know her overall application process cost a lot, so I was curious. I asked her “How did you pay for the rest of the application?” Her answer “Well, those had to be paid.” At that moment, I heard Kendrick in my head… “Call their bluff.” You’ll learn what that means in ASU.”

Shawna-Kaye Lester

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