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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled......

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled......

We interrupt our regularly scheduled K TV to bring you an emergency Terrific Tuesday Tip Of The Week that’s statistically proven to help you achieve your goals.

Sunday night I was watching my fave TV show, “The Good Wife” and it was interrupted twice because of weather advisory in our area.   I was screaming at the TV but then I realized that the threat of severe weather was something that needed my attention and being safe was more important than Alicia Florrick!

What does this have to do with your business?

Today I am interrupting our regularly scheduled KTV, and I’m going to challenge you to do something that will change your business forever, increasing how much money you make by doing one thing that fewer than one percent of Americans do.  Research shows if you do this, you are likely to reach your goal and make money doing it.

According to David Kohl, professor at Virginia Tech University, people who write down their goals earn nine times as much cash money as people who do not. Furthermore, less than 4 percent of people write down their goals and fewer than 1 percent review those goals once written down. Guess which one percent of the population exceeds their goal and makes more money?

You guessed it, the one percent that actually writes down their goals.

Each week I offer a tangible tip to help you make your business dreams come true, make more money, do more of what you love, and make a difference in the world, but I also know that if you don’t own your dream, and write down your goals, you’re at a disadvantage.  The above research proves that.

So we are interrupting our regular KTV so you can do one thing that moves your closer to your goal today.

Write in the comments below one goal or dream that you are working towards.  Do you want to be on Oprah, like me?  Or maybe you want to be on Marie TV like me?!  Or maybe you want to hit six figures in your business?  Maybe you want to make more while working less?

Whatever it is take the time to do the thing that few than 4 percent of Americans do, write it down. Declare it to the world.

For every person that comments I will share one of my goals and dreams as well!  Then we will hold a space for those goals and dreams here at kendrickshope.com.

This is so important to your success, that I interrupted KTV but make no mistake we will return next week with a terrific Tuesday Tip of the week!

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