Veterans, Freedom, And YOUR Business Rights

I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. I’ve been at the beach with my entire family, including my grandfather, a World War II veteran, former history teacher, and avid reader of very (very) thick, nonfiction books.

Every year when we celebrate the fourth, I think about the sacrifices that others made for freedom.This year, after the recent Supreme Court ruling, I began to think about our rights as humans, citizens of the United States (where I live) and our rights as business owners.

The United States created the Bill of Rights not long after we declared our independence from Great Britain. Similarly, when many business owners strike out on their own, they declare independence from a work life that isn’t working.

In honor of Independence Day, I present The Business Owner’s Bill Of Rights. You just might find something that inspires you to make a powerful change in your business.

The Business Bill Of Rights

Article One: You have the right to make as much money as you want, free of guilt.

Article Two: You have the right to spend your money however you chose.

Article Three: You have the right to pursue a career that makes you happy.

Article Four: You have the right to try, fail, and try again as many times as needed.

Article Five: You have the right to learn from as many experts as you need and use their plan to springboard your own success.

Article Six: You have the right to change everything and start over.

Article Seven: You have the right to break every expert’s rule.

Article Eight: You have the right to fall apart when times are hard.

Article Nine: You have the right to have no clue what the next step will be.

Article Ten: You have the right to wake up every single day and love your job.

I would love to know your thoughts on The Business Owner’s Bill of Rights. Which right speaks to you the loudest? Did I leave any out? What would you add? Let’s talk in the comments.



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