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Use SAPS To Conquer Your Fear

According to Forbes, 90% of people are afraid of public speaking. Add in that many more hate discussing money, and the idea of a sales conversation is enough to make you gag.

Sales conversations are a key step in creating results, revenue, and raving fans for your business. They’re also a terrifying stumbling block for many business owners. [TWEET THAT]

But if you don’t make sales, you don’t have a business. Here’s how to have a sales conversation without shaking in your Valentinos.

Remember your SAPS:

  • Selling is helping. An entire week is devoted to this idea in Sales School. Selling is helping. Tape it over your desk, scribble it on your bathroom mirror, make it your screensaver – Selling is helping.
  • Ask, listen and repeat. When you’re having a sales conversation, it can be nerve wracking; You’re convinced you have to say the “right” thing. But one of the very best things you can do to make the sale, is to ask where they’re having trouble. Then listen to your potential client and repeat back what they’re saying. Not only does it make them feel like you truly understand them, it helps you clarify exactly what they need and how you can help.
  • Practice. When I was first starting out, I had to practice saying my prices out loud until I could say them with confidence. It can be hard to talk about your services. Practice talking about them until you can do it smoothly. Your clients will have all the confidence in the world if you have it in yourself.
  • Script. While you can’t plan for every single word your potential client is going to say, you can have a few scripts planned out for common questions and concerns. Type them up, print them out, and have them ready during your consult. When your client asks a common question, you don’t need to be nervous because you’ll have your answers ready and you’ll sound like a pro.

Your Authentic Selling Challenge for the week is to grab a partner (Don’t have one? Ask in the K Community!) and practice having a sales conversation. Be sure to work your way through your SAPS before you meet up with your partner to get the best quality practice you can, so you can tackle your fear of sales conversations and create results, revenue, and raving fans for your business.

I absolutely believe in you and your business.



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