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… in doing business differently. In doing the common things uncommonly well.

We believe in creating raving fans and giving more than anyone else online.

That’s why we made it our mission to give you the best free training available through:

Authentic Selling®️ TV which provides weekly tangible how to answers for your business.

& Authentic Selling®️ Podcast which provides you the chance to get totally FREE coaching.

Because YOU have a mission to make a difference in the lives of your customers.

This is a community that you actually enjoy being a part of including 24 hour coaching marathons, monthly topics voted on by you, and answers that create results for your business. ALL FREE. ALL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

We believe in you and we believe in your business.

Make sure you’re a part of the full community experience by joining the FREE Authentic Selling Community here.

Welcome to the Authentic Selling®️ Community.

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Who is Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is an international sales authority, creator the Authentic Selling process and founder of Sales School, the leading online sales training for modern businesses producing millions of dollars in revenue for her students.

Often called the most over-delivering woman online, Kendrick believes in doing business differently, providing her Sales School students with Rocky Balboa’s drive and Olivia Pope’s determination to their success.

Kendrick hosts Authentic Selling TV and Podcast reaching 186 countries and 6 continents where she provides sales expertise that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.

Authentic Selling has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, Reader’s Digest, HLN, and dozens more.  Learn more about Sales School and Kendrick at www.kendrickshope.com

Show archives

Did The Work But Got No Results? Watch This

Do you ever feel like the Rolling Stones and just “can’t get no satisfaction” with your business education? You are Smart Hard-working Driven But you just can’t seem to get the results you need to propel your business forward to more clients.  You “did” the work but...

One Tip To Copy That Converts

Every week I provide you one tip to more clients.  It’s simple really but if you don’t take action what’s the point?  So today I’m challenging you to take action on today’s “Terrific Tuesday Tip Of The Week.” Get free coaching in the Authentic Selling® Community...

Is B-School A Scam?

Well it’s here...Tis the season of B-School and the vipers are out….everywhere.   And I’m OVER it.  I’m tired of every single year the same song and dance so I went straight to the source to get answers. This is one of the most important episodes you can watch if you...

10 Steps To A Sales Page That Converts

Ok so I’m a little nervous about teaching this one because so many of my clients tell me this is one of the most impactful things they have learned from Sales School. But I made a promise to give you what you need, in the order you need it. So, I can’t leave you...

Step 3 To Growing Your Online Sales

Let’s get this party started.  Happy 2018 and I’m so excited to be back to creating K TV and offering you a tangible tip each week to get more clients, make more money, and do more of what you love each and every day. Now if you remember, I am going to shake up this...

Merry Holiday 2017

Happy Holidays! Last week I announced the 2017 Playing Oprah Winners. I love this time of year and spending it with my family. We all have our top priorities in life and family is number one on my list. So with that in mind, I’m signing off for the year to spend time...

Our Guest Today Is Over 200 Years Old

I'm willing to bet despite being 200 years old and dead you have more in common with today's guest on Sell Like A Woman The Podcast than any other I've ever had. What else is there to say except c'mon over to get a message from someone just as "young, scrappy, and...

Your VA Quit, Now What?

Picture it; That dreaded moment when you’re busier than a preacher on a hot Sunday Morning in the deep south (They are super busy!). You’ve got so many balls in the air you’re just praying one will not come crashing down on your head.     Then, in your morning...

You Are A Badass At Making Money

This week, one of my favorite authors agreed to be on Sell Like A Woman - The Podcast and I was like a kid in a candy store! Remember when I interviewed Grant Cardone and I was a bit of a fan girl? I did a slightly better job of keeping it together this time. But,...

Going Undercover To Move The Needle For Your Business.

Buckle up—today we’re going undercover about what it really takes to have website copy that sells. It’s one thing to have copy that is catchy and fun, but another to have copy that sparks personality and moves the needle for your business. We’re going back to the...

What You Really Need to Make Your Business Work

Today I’m going to take you back to a time when I wondered if my business was ever going to work. I plan to share details that many experts fail to talk about—a time when I was broke, ashamed, and scared.   Pure Insanity I had even interviewed to return to...

How To Get 400k Social Media Fans

Hey Beautiful, Every so often someone comes into my life that blows my mind. I mean, seriously, the people I have had the honor of meeting this last year alone, make me want to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming! Today’s podcast is going to introduce you to a woman...

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