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Are Business Coaches The Only Ones Making Money

Ever wonder if business coaches are the only ones who are making the elusive six figures?Do you feel like you've tried everything in your business and nothing seems to be working -- no clients and no money?You thought if you put out the right energy, you’d be a client magnet. You thought the business was going to be a way to make your dreams come true and give back like a rock star. Lately,...

Are You Running On Empty #OBT

It’s BACK -- #OBT and this is one you don’t want to miss. Ever wondered if your business was ever really going to work? Have you spent thousands and are still not making any real money? Are you afraid of having to return to that corporate job that you were so excited to leave? I understand what it’s like to have a beautiful business that is built around your heart, soul and dreams and to feel...

Do You Suffer From Small List Syndrome?

Does size matter? We’ve talked about this before on K TV; I feel that some business owners may be suffering from what I call Small List Syndrome.Having a small list is not a bad thing. We all start somewhere. I have good news: you can make money and help others regardless of your list size. You just have to know what to do with your list. Don’t miss today’s K TV where I’m going to tell you why...

Customer Said Yes But Never Paid

We’ve all had it happen: that glorious moment when we get a yes from a customer. You feel excited to have a new customer you can help—and the money is nice, too. As promised, you send the invoice in a follow-up email or a link to book the first appointment and nothing happens. Crickets. No response. You think you should follow up, but don’t want to seem pushy. Today’s K TV is going to break down...

Your Final Assignmnet

It's that time of year.  Kids are getting out of school for summer.  Can you believe the year is almost half way complete?  Where does the time go? As we prepare for vacations, time with loved ones, flip flops, and tank tops, I have a final business building assignment for you.  No, K TV isn't going away for the summer but many of you will take time off and that's ok.  BUT before you do, I am...

Get Over THIS & Make Money

Last week we talked about an epidemic called program damage that is running throughout the online business community. If you missed it you can check it out here and take the quick test to determine if you suffer from this serious condition. Today's KTV is going to give your your 3 part cure to program damage. Curing this condition is a critical step for any business owner that is still learning...

Who is Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is an international sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling®️ process and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University, the leading online sales training for modern businesses producing millions of dollars in revenue for her students.

Often called the most over-delivering woman online, Kendrick believes in doing business differently, providing her students with Rocky Balboa’s drive and Olivia Pope’s determination to their success.

Kendrick hosts Authentic Selling® TV reaching 186 countries and 6 continents where she provides sales expertise that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.
Authentic Selling®️ has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, Reader’s Digest, HLN, and dozens more. Learn more about Authentic Selling®️ University and Kendrick at



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