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What To Do When A Client Isn’t Getting Results

As an expert, have you ever wondered what to do when some of your clients don't get results? I once paid for a high-priced coach and later found out that she called me “whiny!” It infuriated me at the time. I now realize that what she meant was that I was upset for not seeing any results when I was not implementing her instructions. Here is the crucial point: I did not know HOW to do what I was...

Communication That Makes Money

This week, we are diving into part two of our series on how to infuse selling language into your communications so you can connect with more of your ideal customers. Last week, I shared Authentic Selling™ rule number 1 for Authentic Communication; if you missed it, you can check it out here. This week, we are going to dive deep into what's missing from most sales communications so you avoid this...

KISSING Makes You Money-Learn How

This week we kick off a 2-part series on communication. Why is communication so vital to your success? Think about it: everything you do in your business as it relates to selling is some form of communication. You have emails, consults, web copy, and more—all forms of communication. Infusing selling into your business communication is a way to set yourself apart from others. In the next two...

Off the Charts

Today’s K TV has a big announcement about something I’ve never done before.  I am thrilled to share this with the K Community because it’s one of the biggest opportunities I’ve had this year to connect with you all in person. Also, you can see how my quest for professionalism is totally lost in this video, as I literally almost cut off my head.  But, have no fear a new and improved K TV...

Prizes, Money, & Birthdays…Oh my!

Hey beautiful, It's that time of year when I get another year older, another year closer to my goal of a million in revenue by 40, and another Birthday Bash Giveaway for you. So much is happening this March at Kendrick Shope LLC, I wondered if it was too much. The Birthday Bash Giveaway kicks off today, and some amazing gifts are included this year. Tomorrow is the launch of the new...

Use This To Get Clients

Hey Beautiful, It's “Follow Up February” and we are diving into all things follow up this month so you can fully understand how to implement this skill set that makes you money. In the past two weeks, we covered the “Love Follow Up” and the “Refund Follow Up.” This week we will talk about the “Be My Customer Follow Up.” Now I'm going to warn you that this technique is a little bit more complex...

Who is Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is an international sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling®️ process and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University, the leading online sales training for modern businesses producing millions of dollars in revenue for her students.

Often called the most over-delivering woman online, Kendrick believes in doing business differently, providing her students with Rocky Balboa’s drive and Olivia Pope’s determination to their success.

Kendrick hosts Authentic Selling® TV reaching 186 countries and 6 continents where she provides sales expertise that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.
Authentic Selling®️ has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, Reader’s Digest, HLN, and dozens more. Learn more about Authentic Selling®️ University and Kendrick at



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