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The Authentic Selling Secret Sauce

The Authentic Selling Secret Sauce

You need a lot of things to run a business.  But the one thing you can’t survive without: Making sales. The very thought leaves you feeling: Icky Sleazy Slimy Gross Pushy Dishonest Scared You’ve been on the wrong end of some bad selling experiences in the past. You’ve been: Pushed into buying something you don’t need Tricked into paying for something that didn’t work Let down by terrible...

What if your hustle is hurting your bottom line?

What if the key to getting more done was to start by feeling good?   Bonjour!   In one week, I’m doing something I’ve never done before and I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m about to take off for the trip of a lifetime to Paris with my dear friend, Tonya Leigh. As I’ve been making preparations for this trip, I realized at this time last year, I would’ve never said yes to going on this...

5 Headlines That Convert

I can hardly express how good it feels to be out of the bed and back to helping your business make money with each new Authentic Selling Challenge. While I was laid up, I did some research about my favorite subject—besides New Kids On The Block and shopping! I wasn’t allowed to be on the computer so I listened to some of my favorite sales books and was reminded of a topic we cover in Sales...

One Step To Higher Prices

Over the past few years, I’ve worked exclusively with a very small amount of private clients. This allows me to offer better service, more attention to each client, and many clients get results that are almost too good to be true. One of the most common reasons whip smart business owners hire me is to figure out how to raise prices without losing business. Today’s Authentic Selling Challenge is...

3 Tips to Run Your Business Like Prada

I'm doing something today I've never done before. I'm turning over the reins of my blog to a guest blogger. As some of you know, I've had a doggone week. My faithful girl Prada and I butted heads; literally. I've always been told I'm hard-headed but trust me when I say I've got nothing on Prada. A trip to the ER resulted in a concussion diagnosis and a total ban from the computer. So, who better...

My (almost) six figure mistake

I’m so fortunate; We just closed the doors on Sales School enrollment for the year and had our most successful launch ever. But in the all the prep work, I missed one thing that could have cost us. This one mistake was so simple and yet, it nearly cost me more than six figures. A few weeks ago, we were in the midst of our first, really high profile launch. Sure, we’ve launched Sales School...

Who is Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is an international sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling®️ process and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University, the leading online sales training for modern businesses producing millions of dollars in revenue for her students.

Often called the most over-delivering woman online, Kendrick believes in doing business differently, providing her students with Rocky Balboa’s drive and Olivia Pope’s determination to their success.

Kendrick hosts Authentic Selling® TV reaching 186 countries and 6 continents where she provides sales expertise that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.
Authentic Selling®️ has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, Reader’s Digest, HLN, and dozens more. Learn more about Authentic Selling®️ University and Kendrick at



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