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Top 10 Money Makers In My Business

What is Playing Oprah? You’ve heard of Oprah’s Favorite Things, right? You know, where she list her favorite products as holiday gifts?

Four years ago, I decided to have some fun with my new business and do my very own version of Playing Oprah for you, the business owner with a dream.

Since then, we’ve shared my favorite business-building tips, products, and books to help you grow your business.

BUT! That’s not the best part. Like Oprah, I love to give gifts so, not only do I share my faves, but I give away some of the best business-building brilliance I’ve run across in the past year.

Past giveaways included:

  • All access to Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy, Hot Live
  • All access to Kristen Kalp Brand Camp
  • All Access to Jenny Shih’s Get Your First 1000 Subscribers
  • Enrollment to Sales School
  • Private coaching with some of the best and most successful business owners on the planet
  • Oh yeah, last year, Becky Dickson won access to coach with me FREE for a year. That’s over 20k in value in one prize!

And this year, we’re doing it again. All FREE, all for you.

For the next three weeks, I’m going to share some of my favorite things with you and this year, we’ve put a spin on it. The 2015 Playing Oprah Giveaway is a cross between Oprah’s favorite things and David Letterman’s nightly Top Ten.

This week, I’m sharing the Top 10 Money Makers In My Business so you can catch a glimpse into how I built my business.

10. Marie Forleo

Marie paved the way for online business owners to do what we love. She’s a pioneer when it comes to setting an example for how to make millions online. Without her business as a model, I’m not sure I would have ever made a penny or started an online business. It’s fair to say Maire Forleo created a path to moolah for my business just by doing what she loves everyday.

9. Martha Beck

She may be the world’s most famous life coach and for good reason. Without Martha Beck’s books, Find Your Own North Star and Steering By Starlight, I never would have conquered my fear and gotten out of my own way. Beck’s work is present in my life and business everyday as I face new challenges or overcome thinking that would keep me playing small. The life coaching skills I learned from these two books continue to allow me to make more money than I ever dreamed and feel amazing about it.

8. Ali Brown

Ali is one of those powerhouse women you look at and dream, “That’s going to be me one day”. And then you meet her in person and realize, she’s even better than your dreams. Not only does Ali rip to shreds the stereotype that male energy is required for success, but she’s glamorous and brilliant at the same time. Almost every time I talk to her, I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I always end up making more money.

7. Becky Duncan

This year, Becky became the first ever Authentic Selling Instructor. This has proven more valuable than I could have dreamed. Her ability to assist with any and everything Authentic Selling has been invaluable. Becky’s also whip smart when it comes to writing. Adding Becky to the mix of our brilliant team of consultants was expensive and, on paper, cost the business money. But if you look at the revenue before Becky and after Becky, it’s clear she’s added not only value but money to the bottom line.

6. Free Sales School

Offering Sales School for free led to one of the most successful launches I’ve seen. I gave free access to 300 business owners for the first ever, live Sales School and ran it just like a paid class. The feedback and knowledge I gained from doing this allowed me to make more money during the next launch than many businesses make in a year.

5. Mastermind

“Mastermind” has become such a buzzword. Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about a mastermind. I’ve been part of some of the best (and worst) on the planet. I can tell you without a doubt, finding the right business allies will make you money, all year long. Their support and insight is GOLD when you need guidance, a helping hand, or it’s time to celebrate. Here’s a tip on how to get the most of your mastermind: Have a set plan and set time frame every single meeting. This makes all the difference in the world to the success of your mastermind and your business.

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have brought in more money than I can explain. I was skeptical at first, but I’m telling you, using Hey Boss Lady to nail this process was one of the single best things I ever did as a business owner.

3. Tonya Leigh

Tonya isn’t a business coach at all. She doesn’t show you how to make money or create branding that sells. But my personal work with her continues to add moolah to my bank account.  Why? First and most importantly, I’m happier and experience more joy since working with Tonya. Learning her method for French Kissing Life is one of the best, and most luxurious decisions I’ve made.

Now I understand, in my business and life, I only spend my hard-earned money on things I LOVE and I ended the “Shiny Object Syndrome” that plagues many businesses. I also understand that the “Work Harder and Longer” mentality is an illusion. Since learning to incorporate ease into my business and utilizing Tonya’s “leisurely hustle”, I’m making thousands more in my business.

2. Mini Sessions

These are one of the biggest money makers in my business. Mini sessions create engagement and allow you to be of service without feeling pushy. When I was new to the online industry, I completed 100 free mini sessions with business owners who had a sales problem to troubleshoot. Not only did I coach them for free, but I also promised not to pitch my services.

Within months of completing the last mini session, I had my first 5 figure month. Show your customers you want to help, and that you can, by using the mini session structure. It will make you thousands.

1. Jenny Shih

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever, the single biggest difference in my life and business is attributed to Jenny Shih. She met me when I was flopping around like a fish out of water and gave me one-step-at-a-time instructions to create this business of my dreams.

She was firm when I wanted to make changes, gave me guidance as to what needed to be done, and she supported me with resources that allowed Authentic Selling to develop. In fact, this whole Authentic Selling thing was her idea. She’ll always be the biggest money maker for my business. Without her, I’m afraid my business would be another sad story. My goal is to be Jenny’s first millionaire client success story. She’s a brilliant, money-making-magnet for my business.

Now that I’ve told you my the Top Ten Money Makers In My Business, it’s time to tell you about Playing Oprah!

I’m so excited to give away a money maker to help you create results, revenue, and raving fans in your business.

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