A New Tool For Overcoming Objections (NEVER SHARED)

One of my top 5 strengths according to Marcus Buckingham is “Learner.” 

If you’ve been around me for any amount of time, you know this to be true.  I read on average 15 books a month! 

When you stop learning, you stop growing.  And it’s the past years learning that has allowed me to add to Authentic Selling® the number #1 sales process for your modern business. 

Over the next few weeks I’m going to teach you some NEW, never shared before, tools that have been added to Authentic Selling® University.  

These tools have 1 purpose – To help you close more sales, so you can make more money and do more of what you love. 

So let’s get this party started. 

If you’ve ever heard “I need to think about it” after you’ve delivered your sales pitch, and found yourself
wondering what to say…this is for you. 

Watch the video above to learn the exact words to say the next time you’re faced with this objection 


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