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Time Travel, Tips & Truths...Oh My

Time Travel, Tips & Truths...Oh My

I’ve been wanting to talk about this since the summer of 2016. It’s time for some fun—who said work can’t be fun? After all, there are lessons in our everyday experiences, and some of the best learning about how to make money and get more customers, can be found in real life living.

So it’s time to get real. We’re going on a trip.

Pack your bags, grab your hammer pants, and pull out your cassette tapes; We’re taking a little time travel road trip back to 1989…

  • George H. W. Bush was in his first term as president.
  • The Gameboy was invented
  • Stamps were 25 cents
  • Nirvana’s first album was released
  • The Arsenio Hall Show debut (miss the dog pound)
  • The first redhead princess Ariel hit the theatres
  • The Cosby Show was the #1 show on TV

AND New Kids On The Block…yes NKOTB…enough said.

Today’s episode of Sell Like A Woman – The Podcast is going to let you in on the best thing any business can do to create clients, cash, life, and business beyond your wildest dreams…

And, if you need a little bit of help to get in the spirit of 1989, use the image below to help!

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