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Three Steps To Simplify Writing Copy Forever

Ever been sitting at your computer looking at a blank Google document searching for where to begin?

How about looking at an empty word document with your mind screaming at you that you have writer’s block?

What about looking at your email trying to figure out exactly how to respond to that surprising email that popped up in your inbox?

There I was sitting directly across from Marie Forleo, one of my business idols, with her watch in her hand, and I was failing miserably.  Not only was I in a room with Marie but I was surrounded by some of the most successful business owners on the planet.  We had spent the previous day at Virgin as in Richard Branson, as in HOLY WOW!  I should have been over the moon excited but instead I was in a room directly across from my business idol, crying, wondering if I would ever be able to master this area of running a business.

What was the skill set?  Writing.  Why was I crying?  Marie asked me to write for 60 seconds and I could not get one word on a sheet of paper.  That’s it. She asked me to write. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Writing is one of the most critical skill sets we use as online business owners because we connect with our target audience and potential clients by the words we write.  This can’t be overstated.  Mastering this skill set will pay you in every area of your business.  Think about it, you write web copy, you write sales emails, you write programs, you write free content…the point is you write everyday running an online business.

If I had used the 3 step Authentic Sales approach to writing that day in NYC, I wouldn’t have been sitting there crying.  I don’t want you wasting your time staring at a blank page or frustrated because you have no idea what words to type.

Today’s K TV is going to break down the three knows in Authentic writing that will simplify this process for you and every piece of copy you write. (Tweet That Here)

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