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This Mistake, Is Your Gain

This Mistake, Is Your Gain

Giving gifts is one of my Love Languages. Few things make me as happy as giving presents.

So it’s no coincidence that over-delivering is an Authentic Selling staple.


How could anything bad come from showering clients with surprises?


That’s what I wondered, too…


Things are hopping backstage at We’re gearing up for Sales School this fall and part of planning, is examining last year’s performance and working to make it even better.


That’s when the truth came out: We over over-delivered.


Don’t misunderstand; Sales School 2015 was our most successful Sales School yet. And our graduates have turned in some of the most impressive results we’ve ever seen. But behind the scenes was a different story:

  • Team members were ragged from late-night meetings
  • “STAT” assignments became the norm
  • My health suffered so much, I missed a lifelong dream trip to Paris


None of this diminishes my love of over-delivering; Sales School 2016 is shaping up to be even better than before. But there have been a few changes.


The seating in Sales School 2016 is limited. In fact, there are 15 times more people on the waitlist than spots in Sales School! But we refuse to enlarge the class size or compromise your results just to make more money. 


Sales School has been the only online class that delivers the kind of results, revenue, and raving fans that you’ve come to expect. And we have every intention of over-delivering to you this year, too.


The only way to ensure the individual attention you need and deserve, is to keep our class size small.


We know our students love it, too:

“I just wanted to say I am learning so much! Not only about selling but about how to operate a service-based business. I am so glad I signed up for Sales School!” – Sarah

“Thank you for all of your amazing support. I’ve been through a lot of online courses and I’ve never encountered anyone who is so one-on-one helpful. You’re a rockstar, seriously.” – Morgan

“I got the project! Amazing! Wanted to share the good news and thank you for your support. See? Sales School has paid for itself!” – Emelia


Your Authentic Selling Challenge is to grab a spot on the waitlist to get first dibs on signing up. Once these seats are filled, the doors on Sales School (and all our over-delivering) will be closed.

Save your place in line by signing up here and get the first chance to create results, revenue, and raving fans. [TWEET THAT]

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