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The Skeleton In Your (Business) Closet

The Skeleton In Your (Business) Closet

It’s that time of year when I get obnoxiously happy for fall, cool weather, and HALLOWEEN!

One of the things I love to do is to have a little fun with Halloween inspired sales tips and Playing Oprah Give Away in November (which is going to be our BIGGEST giveaway yet!).

As for today’s Authentic Selling Challenge—get ready to pull the skeletons out of your closet….

It’s no secret; I’ve got the South in my bones. All you have to do is hear me open my mouth to realize I’ve got me some strong southern ties.

Not everyone was always so fond of my heritage. An expert once said I needed to work on my accent in order to be taken seriously in this industry and others have confided they thought me dumb or uneducated because of my thick drawl.

After years of working my tush (that’s Southern for “ass”) off and refusing to change my speech, I realized that the skeleton in my closet is THE thing that sets Authentic Selling apart.

Yes, Authentic Selling produces money, freedom, and fun for you. I take great pride in your results, but I was great at selling long before Authentic Selling was created. It took me a while to figure out why.

It’s the Southern skeleton in my closet.

In the South, things are a little bit different.

Check out these Southern Selling Basics that make business down south memorable:

  • For starters, no one is a stranger; they’re only people you haven’t met yet.
  • Businesses back up their claims and secure their customers’ loyalty by offering products that actually do what they promise.
  • A Southern shopkeeper is the first person to greet you on the way in and the last person to wish you a nice day on the way out.
  • Southern selling means taking time to get to know your customer and what’s important to them; family, friends, sports teams, etc.
  • And, in the south, there’s always time for small talk.

Of course, not everything in the south is peaches n’ cream, but when it comes to selling, the basics matter.

In 2016, Authentic Selling is going back to my roots. We’ll be focusing on the Southern Selling Basics that made me a successful sales rep long before I ever dreamed of starting my own business.

These are the actions that will set your business apart and allow you to have more repeat customers than you can shake a stick at (that’s Southern for “than you know what to do with”). [TWEET THIS]

This week’s challenge promises not to be too scary—you don’t have to share the skeletons in your own closet…you can borrow mine.

Pick one of the Southern Selling Basics above to implement in your business. Post below how you’re going to cast a spell on your customers with some Authentic Southern Selling.

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