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The Silent Killer In My Business- Beware

The Silent Killer In My Business- Beware

I did not want to admit it but it’s true.  Yesterday I found myself in the place that must rival hell.  I’ve always hated the place but all experts agree that it is a required part to happiness, health, and living an amazing life.  

Research proves I will get farther ahead by visiting this place I despise rather than skipping it.  I’m an intelligent enough woman. I believe the experts and see the results from all the instagram photos that this activity provides…..BUT I HATE IT.  LIKE LOATHE IT.

And then it hit me, this is how many of you feel all the things experts like me are telling you to do to create your own business success.  You may believe it, but actually doing it is something else. I know you’re an achiever and get stuff done, but I’m willing to bet your business has a silent killer just like mine did.  

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