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The Problem With Most Business Plans

The Problem With Most Business Plans

What the what?  You are used to getting the terrific Tuesday tip of the week and it’s Monday, right?  Or is it? No you did not miss Monday all together! Although sometimes it can feel that way right?

The problem with terrific Tuesday tip of the week, is EVERYONE has started sending content on Tuesday, which is totally fine, except that our tip of the week is too important to your business to miss or get lost in the sea of content.  

So we are moving to Monday so you can kick off you week with a tangible tip that creates money in your business ASAP!  

Now today’s tip is going to cut straight to the chase and tell you what’s missing from all the noise online and the problem with most business plans.   Many people when they are new just want someone to tell them what to do and need a plan BUT most plans have a huge gaping issue and you need to know it now.  

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