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The Night My Dream Died

Recently the one and only Erika Lyremark of the asked me,

What pisses you off?

Most of you know I left a very successful career in pharmaceutical sales to become a life coach and motivational speaker.

What you may not know is that the road to a successful business is filled with frustration, and my road is no different.  I’ve experienced nights of crying my eyes out on the bathroom floor, more than a little confusion, and more than a lot of doubt.  

Yup, you heard it here.  

Ms. positivity, life coach/inspirational speaker, struggles with doubt, fear, and confusion. 

My answer to Ms. Lyremark’s question “What pisses you off?” ….”the night my dreams died“…. that is what really pisses me off.

  • The night I wondered if it was time to swallow my pride, chalk it all up to a life lesson, and go get a “real job” again.
  • The night I said to my husband,  “Well I gave it my best shot, my heart and my soul” ·
  • The night I cried my eyes out, realizing something had to change because my family needed me to start bringing in some cash money, honey!
  • The night I almost walked away, leaving my dreams and a piece of my soul right there with my dead dreams.

Less than 25% of coaching graduates actually make enough money to make the transition to full time work. 

I know what you may be thinking, “That will not happen to me.  I will hustle to make my dreams come true”!

If you dream of leaving your corporate job, starting your own business, please take my advice, find a mentor.

Don’t believe me?  Look to the most successful businesses in the country.

In my life I have been lucky enough to work for three Fortune 500 companies, all of which provided a mentor for new hires.   You and I both know that fortune 500 companies are in the “business of making money!” 

Yet most find mentoring so critical to success they ask current employees show the newbies the “ropes”, a mentor.

Because Erica’s question lit a match in my soul and stirred my passion, I saw a need; I knew I could make a difference, so I created a special offering for  coaches only.

Drive with 5

The Five Pillars Of Online Business You will Not Learn In Coaching School

is a one-on-one mentoring program where you and I will lay the foundation so you can defy the odds and become the rock star coach you hear everyone else talking about.  This offering is limited to coaches who are ready to evaluate the fundamentals of their business.  I am talking about basics here.

Our partnership will teach you to use Authentic Selling™ to:

  1. Leverage Twitter in a way that grows your business.
  2. Create a 12 month plan to grow your sales and increase your exposure.
  3. Learn how to avoid the one reason most coaches do not make it.
  4. Achieve success and your dreams much faster.
  5. Save money in the long run.

Let me be clear, I have learned from the absolute best coaches on the planet, including Martha Beck, Jenny Shih, Erika Lyremark, Dyana Valentine, Susan Hyatt, and most recently Marie Forleo.  I was even lucky enough to be chosen as part of Marie’s 2012 Adventure Mastermind where I am working with the Forleo team and twenty other females at the top of their industries.

I, like most coaches, am driven and I do not do things half way.  I sought out the best, worked with the best, learned from the best, and continue to learn from the best.  But in reality, I have to walk my own path, as do we all.

Do not make the same mistake I did.  Give your dreams a fighting chance. Nail the basics with your business on the front end!            

Email to learn more about this incredible mentorship opportunity today.  

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