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The New Rules For Running A Business

The New Rules For Running A Business

You may have noticed some changes in the business world lately.  Experts are changing their offers, more and more people seem to be ditching corporate heels and starting their own gig. 

It makes sense as we enter into a new decade that things will shift.  Think back to the 2010-2019 decade.  

It was the decade of…

  • The Double Rainbow
  • Gaga’s Meat Dress
  • The FIRST iPad
  • The Deadly Hallows
  • 2 Royal Weddings
  • A Disappearing Airplane
  • A Total Eclipse
  • Everyone Dumping Buckets Of Ice On Their Heads
  • Same Sex Marriage Becoming Legal 
  • Fidget Spinners 
  • #Me Too
  • The Creation Of Authentic Selling® 🙂 

Much changes in a decade, right? And those changes extend into marketing your business. Watch above to learn the new rules for running a business. 

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