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The Kiss Of Death In Your Copy

The Kiss Of Death In Your Copy

I love old gangster movies.

Army in the Shadows, Goodfellas, and of course, The Godfather.

I especially enjoy it when they duke it out over drinks with nothing but their words. And that moment when someone executes The Kiss of Death—love it!

I love it a lot less when The Kiss of Death shows up in your copy.

The Kiss of Death in your copy is just as devastating as it is in those old movies. No matter how strong your copy, how loyal your gang or how right you are in what you’re saying, The Kiss of Death will bring you down every time.

You work hard on your copy. On your sales page, your emails, and your blog. You pour yourself into your work. So it’s frustrating when you spend that amount of time or money, and then…nothing happens.

No sales, no comments, zero engagement. What happened? The Kiss of Death.

Or take a webinar. You bust it setting up your webinar, planning, and promoting it—and hardly anyone opts in. And even fewer show up. It’s The Kiss of Death.

The Kiss of Death is what happens when you create the offer, write the copy, promote the sale, prime your customers and then…they don’t know what to do next.

There’s no Call To Action: The Kiss of Death.

It’s the mark that let’s you know your efforts are doomed.

But there’s hope!

Adding in a Call To Action (and avoiding The Kiss of Death) is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Decide what action you want your readers to take: Buy, Tweet, comment, etc.
  2. Create copy that clearly explains what action they should take and the benefits of doing it.
  3. Reward them when they do it! Reply to Tweets and comments, roll out the red carpet when they buy, and respond when they engage.

Your readers are invested in what you have to say. Don’t waste a chance to help them by leaving out the Call To Action. [TWEET THIS]

Your Authentic Selling Challenge is to examine your most recent piece of copy. Make sure you have a clearly defined Call To Action. Stuck? Need a little help? Post your Call To Action below and, because you’re part of my gang, I’ll help you whip it into shape.


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