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The Killer of creativity

The Killer of creativity

I’ve been sharing deep and personal experiences with you all these past few weeks and today is no exception. 

You know those moments when you just can’t find the motivation to do the things you know you should to grow your business? I’m talking about posting on social media, going live – all that stuff. 

AND THEN boom, “it” happens..……

When “it” happens, your creativity crumbles. 

When “it” happens, it becomes twice as hard to plug back into the creative part of your business.

When “it” happens, your genius becomes dull and easy to scroll right on past.

When “it” happens, your imagination goes missing and you start to wonder are you any good at this in the first place. 

When “it” happens, your creativity dies.

When one person’s creativity bites the dust, does it even matter?  

I mean it’s just one person, so what difference can that really make?

  1. Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up and left us in the dark…literally! 🕯️ 
  2. Stephanie Kwolek: mastermind of Kevlar, the superhero of synthetic fibers. She gave us bulletproof vests despite being told that women could not be chemists and you can imagine what others thought of her creative ideas?
  3. What if Elvis Presley never thought his creativity was rockin’? We’d be missing out on a whole new kind of music sensation! 🎶
  4. Hedy Lamarr, the glamorous Hollywood actress, took the scientific community by storm as she co-invented a frequency-hopping system during WWII. Her creative ideas led to the development of  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  Yet there are numerous stories of Hedy not being taken seriously, calling her creative ideas impossible.

Your creativity matters and you have to protect it against “it.”  What is “it?”

Find out what “it” is on today’s ASTV here.

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