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The Authentic Selling Secret Sauce

You need a lot of things to run a business.  But the one thing you can’t survive without: Making sales.

The very thought leaves you feeling:

  • Icky
  • Sleazy
  • Slimy
  • Gross
  • Pushy
  • Dishonest
  • Scared

You’ve been on the wrong end of some bad selling experiences in the past. You’ve been:

  • Pushed into buying something you don’t need
  • Tricked into paying for something that didn’t work
  • Let down by terrible customer service

And you don’t want to run your business like that. I understand. That’s exactly why I created Authentic Selling.

Authentic Selling is a way to sell without feeling sick to your stomach. It’s a way to talk to potential clients without tripping over your words or pushing them into the sale. It’s a way for you to make money for your business and stay true to who you are.

The key to Authentic Selling isn’t a spreadsheet, it’s not a new business plan or even a mentor.

The first step to making sales in an authentic way, is to take another look at how you think about it.

Selling isn’t the enemy. In fact, according to Webster, the definition of the word selling is “the exchange of money for a product or service”.

So where does that leave you and your business? Doomed to become one of those pushy business owners, bullying customers into a purchase?

No. There is a better way. One that makes you insane amounts of money and allows you to fulfill your dreams of helping others. Take my hand and let me show you.

Picture it. You’ve discovered the cure for cancer. It’s 100% effective and there are no side effects, no chance of anything going wrong, and the patient is guaranteed a long, healthful life.

But you feel pushy and awkward about selling it to people that need it.

You worry:

  • Everyone will think I’m crazy
  • No one will believe this works
  • I’m terrible at selling and I feel gross

Now, I know this is an extreme example but, if you really, truly had the cure for cancer—you’d be shouting from the rooftops, right?

The lesson here, is invaluable.

You, my wonderful business owner, create products and services that have the potential to change your customer’s health, weight, business, relationships, and entire life.

But you’re letting your fear of selling stop you from sharing the solution to their problem.

Your Authentic Selling Challenge for the week:

  1. Grab a Post-It noteselling_is_helping_01
  2. Write the words:  “SELLING IS HELPING”
  3. Post it where you’ll see it every day

If you don’t tell people about your services, how you can help them?

Your potential customers will continue to experience decreasing health, weight gain, business struggles, or a joyless life, while you had the solution all along.


That’s the power of Authentic Selling. This is what makes Authentic Selling different. It’s a set of selling guidelines full of tools, strategies and flexible scripts, all circling around one, key idea:


Without sales, your business won’t survive.


Without you, your customers are struggling.


Help your customers, make the sale, and feel amazing doing it. [TWEET THIS]


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