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The #1 Reason Copy Doesn’t Convert Lookers Into Customers

The #1 Reason Copy Doesn’t Convert Lookers Into Customers

It’s Fabulous February in the Authentic Selling® Community and we’re focused on words.  “Words” might not sound too sexy to you, but hold on before you dismiss. Today is Presidents day, also known as the day we celebrate George Washington’s birthday in the states.  I wonder what President Washington would think about being able to communicate with each of you in 186 countries with the click of one button, no paper, no pen, no instant messenger, or horse required!

When our founding fathers wanted to create a movement, they did what you and I still do today, used their words.

  • They wrote The Bill of Rights
  • They wrote The Constitution Of The United States
  • They wrote The Declaration of Independence

Despite all that has radically changed since the days of Washington, words are just as important today as they were over 200 years ago.

Words have the power to push someone away or build someone up.
Words have the power to prevent or end wars.
Words have the power to convince a prospect you are the business for them.
Words have the power to make us laugh, cry, fight, go to war and even say “I do”
Words matter when selling the ideas of a new nation, a progressive change, and are equally vital when selling your ideas to your customers

Sales research shows that customers buy because they are emotionally led to and justify spending with reason. In other words, customers buy based off of emotion and justify with logic. In the past 7 years, I’ve read thousands of sales pages, social media, sales emails, and general sales copy and nearly 90% of those pages made ONE disastrous error that led their potential customers to move on to the next coach, consultant, or product.

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