Thank You Opt In - Kendrick Shope

I may have a  Sweet as Pie
southern drawl, but don’t
let it fool ya…..

Today, right now, this moment,..

You want me to tell you the exact magical process that is going to have customers overflowing your inbox, DM’s and checkout carts. And I would love nothing more than to wave a wand and make that happen, but first, I need you to hear me say one thing.

Said with so much love, until your people know you exist, it will continue to be impossible for them to buy your life-changing coaching, consulting, course, or product.

That ends today with your exclusive access to the only checklist you need to get more customers.

How to use the 10 Proven Ways To Get More Customers Checklist

  • Step 1
    Download 10 Proven Ways To Get More Customers Without Paying For Ads
  • Step 2
    Place a check next to each of the 10 ways you have tried using to get more customers at least once.
  • Step 3
    Rate each of the 10 ways to get more customers with the frequency you actively use each method using the guide below.

    • Never
      You have either tried this way once and never again, or never at all.
      (example: You may have pitched to teach in someone’s course and never heard back. You never pitched another business owner.)
    • Sometimes
      You only do it when you feel inspired.
      (example: You release blog and social media posts sporadically. You know you need to do this more consistently, but you feel as if you can only do it when you are inspired.) 
    • Consistently
      You actively repeat this way over and over
  • Step 4
    Check your email for what to do with your results so that you start getting more customers today.
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