I have a profitable online biz teaching online marketing and so much of being a great teacher I learned from Kendrick!

It was spring 2014, I was in a program that taught new coaches how to market online…. Only I wasn’t even a coach at the time, I did everything ass backwards.

Kendrick was one of the weekly guest teachers and I loved her! Her bubbly personality stuck out more than any of the other guest teachers and I was smitten with her!

She taught me so much about sales…. Like how to follow a sales “guardrail” and “if you feel the ick find a better way” I still have the notes I took from that call, as well as an entire binder from her Authentic Selling®I signed up for the summer of 2014.

I’m not one of those “she made her investment back right away” stories…. It wasn’t until my 3rd year online (last year) that I even just broke even (instead of losing money, wahoo!). I bought a shit-ton of courses — I should have stopped at Authentic Selling®— but I also know that there is no other teacher out there as committed to your results as Kendrick Shope (remember, I gave a shit-ton to compare her to)….well besides me, lol… Because what I learned in Authentic Selling®went do much beyond sales.

Yes, I went from never having a sales conversation before to practicing them like gang-busters following her simple, authentic formula. Which was awesome.

But even more awesome is now I have a profitable online biz teaching Online marketing and so much of being a great teacher I learned from Kendrick!

She always gave us the ins-outs of her biz, was so personable from singing her “terrific Tuesday tip of the week…. Yeahhhhh” to answering my every question in tutor time and giving personal feedback on all assignments in the google docs I submitted.

She’s a mom (of a 1 daughter like me) & wife and someone I can relate too and a trained Martha Beck coach so she knows not just sales from her pharma background, but coaching too! Its a real winning combo!

She’s one of the few coaches I’ve worked with NOT chasing dollar signs. She really does believe in you and your business. It’s one of the few investments I don’t regret. I can’t imagine any reason you would either!

If your serious about growing your online biz and looking for help from someone who really does care about you and will make sure you succeed. Have no doubts Kendrick is your gal!

My experience in Authentic Selling®is the gift that keeps on giving! I hope you join and I can get to know you and your biz!

Was thinking about you today. Wanted to let you know that the sales page you helped us write on http://nontinfoilemf.com/ has now been shown to convert like hot cakes!!!

One affiliate recently got an EPC of $1.54, and anything over $1 is considered good in this niche. We’re starting to roll it out in a big way.

The work we did together on that intensive day was pure gold. Thank you. 🙂

Julia Silke



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