Authentic Selling®has been priceless for me.

The biggest value I got from Authentic Selling® was moving away from feeling afraid to sell strangers on my services over the phone to being excited to get on a call and use Kendrick’s proven techniques.

The transformation has been 180; now I feel guilty for NOT selling potential clients on my services, because I feel like I am denying them the chance to get the educational or professional opportunities of their dreams. And oftentimes, if I don’t sell them, they could possibly miss out on thousands of free dollars or waste thousands of dollars going through another round of applications.

It has also helped me to learn that “Your client’s money is none of your business.” Please get in Authentic Selling®so Kendrick can teach you this TRUTH. Please. Kendrick teaches you in Authentic Selling® that if someone really believes you can help them, they will find a way to pay. A few days ago I had a post-service consult with a very pleased client who I gave a discount (I don’t say this to toot my own horn, but this was one of those aha moments). She lamented how much she did not have enough to pay me full price at the time… I know her overall application process cost a lot, so I was curious. I asked her “How did you pay for the rest of the application?” Her answer “Well, those had to be paid.” At that moment, I heard Kendrick in my head… “Call their bluff.” You will learn what that means in Sales School.

If you can’t sell, you don’t have a business. Authentic Selling®has been priceless for me. My income has gotten much better—it is not yet where I need it to be, but much of that is tied to me redefining who I serve (Btw, if you have NO idea who you help and how you help them, don’t buy Authentic Selling®now) and not consistently creating content (Kendrick’s 90-day plan will show you just how important that is). I took out a loan to be able to afford Sales School, in a non-US currency, and I am so glad I did it. The lifetime access alone is worth jumping on. So is the community you get access to.

If you’re serious about entrepreneurship because you want the freedom it provides, get used to investing in pros. Kendrick is a pro.

Shawna-Kaye Lester



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