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Stuck In The Messy Middle?

Stuck In The Messy Middle?

It’s been nearly ten years since I traded in my corporate heels for the joys of being self-employed and later creating an entire company. 

I say ALL. THE. TIME.   

  • I never wanted to create a company.  
  • I do not want to manage a team. 
  • I just want to do the work that lights my soul on fire.  (That is NOT selling!)

So this is what I call the messy middle of business.  There are various times when you will hit the messy middle in business and life.  

But that doesn’t mean it has to stay messy. 

Before you can use selling to make money, you have to get your mindset in the right place about selling. 

Let’s do that here with FREE access to Your Sales Mindset, An Authentic Selling University Class that paves the way to get paid without the icky, sleaze, or slime.

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