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Stop Doing This Six Figure Money Maker Now

For the past five years, mini sessions, have been one of my favorite, simple strategies to teach clients. If I had to estimate, I would say creating mini sessions was responsible for the first six figures I made in my business, and has helped many of my customers do the same all while extending wait lists.

But today, I’m advising you to stop doing them. If you’re a fan of mini sessions, you may think I’ve gone mad. Why would I put an end to such a huge revenue-maker for my businesses and yours?

In order to understand what you need to stop, you must first understand what a mini session is and is not.

What Is A Mini Session?

  • A mini session is a way to be of service.
  • A mini session is a way to engage with potential customers and meet prospects
  • A mini session is a way to start a conversation about your clients needs and desires.
  • A mini session is a way for someone to sample your genius to determine IF they want to work with you.

What A Mini Session Isn’t?

  • A mini session is not a way to bait and switch a prospect
  • A mini session is not a sales conversation (in fact you should not mention your service during these unless specifically asked)
  • A mini session is not an instant money maker for anyone’s business.
  • A mini session should not be used by anyone who is afraid of hard work.
  • A mini session is not something you should advertise.

Too many people are offering mini sessions these days and they are doing it wrong and with the wrong intention. I can say that because I created this process.

Many businesses are using the words “mini session” to lure possible clients on the phone with the promise of no selling and then pulling the rug out from under the prospect on the phone and jumping into the hard sell.

When business conduct themselves in this way, it makes me laugh. That’s the entire reason Authentic Selling is so popular and works so well! People HATE being sold in a pushy way.

But it still creates a problem for everyone who is conducting themselves with class, style, and authenticity which is why you need to stop doing mini sessions now.

I’m a smart businesswoman and I love money. I don’t really want you to stop doing mini sessions if they’re working for you, but I want you to stop calling them mini sessions. A few bad apples have ruined the term “mini session” and that’s ok.

The mini session structure will still work for those of you who have made money and created a wait list using it. Instead of calling them mini sessions, find a name that is unique to you. Don’t worry about the name being too “cute or catchy”.

Your Authentic Selling Tip is to stop doing mini sessions! Rename those exact same sessions something that is unique to you and your business. [TWEET THAT]

Wonder what all the fuss is about with mini sessions and want to know more?  Make sure you sign up to learn about the next round of Sales School. The coming changes are going to create smarter businesses owners than any other offering available.

Have you been using mini sessions? What’s worked well? Let me know in the comments below.

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