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Selling Is YOUR Obligation-Find Out Why

Selling Is YOUR Obligation-Find Out Why

If you’re a living, breathing, human, selling is YOUR obligation. It may sound crazy, but think about it; If you can improve someone’s life, health, weight, finances, appearance, confidence, spiritual experience, business, or whatever, why would you not?

“Give Me A Break-Selling Is No One’s Obligation”

  • I understand you detest the thought of selling anything.
  • I know you have obligations coming out of your eyeballs.
  • I get you’re the last person on your own to do list.

So where do I get off telling you what obligations you have?


I have always been good at selling, but there was a time when I disliked it.

I was mad at God or the universe for giving me this desire to “change the world”.

Embarrassing but true, I literally felt cursed, I wanted to be “normal” and be a woman who craved mediocrity instead of fame, fortune, and above all a job that allowed me to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Moment Of Clarity

One day, when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep, a cardiologist was in town to speak to the doctors I called on. I confided in her my feelings of wanting to make an impact beyond the work I was doing. What she shared with me hit me as if someone dropped a ton of bricks on my head.

She said, “Kendrick, you’re missing the entire point. Selling your drug is a bonus. You walk into your offices every day and make people smile, make people feel happy. You’re kind to them and genuinely care about them. My, dear you’re selling happiness because you’re improving the peoples’ lives you come in contact with, from the custodian to the leading cardiologist in the hospital.”

At that moment I knew she was correct. Yes, I was fortunate to sell an amazing drug that impacted the lives of others, but the real selling was the interaction in the office. It was people engaging people.

What’s This Got To Do With You, Business, and Obligations?

Everything. You have a choice. You can sell like the amazing woman you are and use your strengths to engage people, make them happy, and outsell your competitors in the process. Or you can do what feels unnatural and pushy. Sure, you’ll experience some sales success but you’ll also feel like you’re missing out on so much in the world that you’re meant to do.

If you want to positively impact the world and the lives of others, then tell people how your product or service can help them, show them how you’re different, and do it in a way where people engage people.

Selling is your obligation, but it shouldn’t be something you dread like a 5 am run in 19 below temps. [TWEET THAT]

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