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Sell Without Saying A Word

Could it be your branding?  Is it your website?  Is it your images? Too often we spend hours, days, months and thousands of dollars changing everything under the sun to address why your prospects aren’t buying.

We’re going to uncover the number one reason your customers aren’t buying from you, me, or anyone else: Lack of trust.

If your prospects don’t believe that your product or service will deliver what you’re promising, you’re never going to make a sale.

Sell Without Saying A Word

The best way to deal with the broken trust from empty marketing and false promises is to consistently show up in the same places at the same time; Do what you promise. No, this isn’t rocket science but most businesswomen overlook this simple truth. Do the common things uncommonly well.

Consistency Equals Trust. Trust Equals Buyers

Simple Ways To Add Consistency To Your Business. Get Your Checklist Here

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Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well

I know what you’re thinking,  If consistency is so important why do I keep changing? It’s not a secret I was kind of a branding mess last year. You may be wondering if I’ve lost my mind (and I’m pretty sure my team has, too!).

So here’s the truth; I got restless. I felt like I didn’t measure up. I wanted it ALL right now and, in early 2016, I blamed my brand for not having achieved all my dreams.

Branding Is The Issue?

I had just come off the best year I’d ever had. Sales School had catapulted and become the go-to training for female business owners. I was selling out everything I touched and at higher prices than ever, but I wasn’t satisfied. I blamed my drive to succeed. I wanted a TV show, a book, and a speaking career, STAT.

I never took the time to celebrate or regroup after all the success I experienced. I did not take a chance to listen to my intuition, I just sunk a ton of money into an idea, just like when I was a new business owner.

Thankfully, I learned from this unwise choice. You don’t need to beat yourself up when you make a choice that you wish you hadn’t. Look for what you can learn and commit to not making the same mistake again. 

The Real Authentic Selling®

Since that realization in early 2016, the direction and future of my business has changed. Today we unveil a new and final look

I have found my look. I am clear on my voice, and I’m thrilled to get this right for you. Today, so many exciting things are happening, I just have to list them:

  1. Unveiling a new and final look.
  2. Launching “Sell Like A Woman” Podcast.
  3. Introducing our brand-new digital product is on sale.
  4. Showcasing our best interviews and free training all in one place

Simple Solutions For Your Business

Things you can look forward to over the next few months:

  • Access to the first look at Sell Like A Woman (the real-deal book)
  • Footage from the reality TV pilot shot in NYC—the sales lessons in this are GOLD!
  • More affordable products focused on Real. Lasting. Results for your business. 
  • A new Sales School/University that is targeted to your industry and has right—sized trainings (five minutes or less so you can implement quickly)

How You Will Succeed

Why Do You Care?

All of this was created with YOU in mind. What you need to grow. What you need to succeed. What it will take for you to make your dream a success.

What you need to grow.

What you need to succeed.

What it will take for you to make your dream a success.

This is the place to be to make more money and sell without sacrificing integrity.

I believe in you. You can do this even if it’s messy. Even if you’ve made mistakes. Let’s Do IT!

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