When Forbes interviewed over 20 fortune 500 CEOS, 100% of them agreed that selling was the most important part of any business.

In order for you to succeed, (i.e. actually MAKE MONEY) not only do you HAVE to know how to sell, but you have to know how to do it consistently, effortlessly and heck, even have some FUN with it.

Sales? Fun?

If that thought has you running for the door (or in this case, the little x button at the top of your browser), here’s an essential truth you need to know:

You have the life-changing idea, the die-hard commitment, and all the deliverables to make a real difference in the world… but if you don’t know how to articulate that value to interested buyers your business is broke. Or worse – a very expensive hobby.

If you are hustling harder and harder, month after month, and STILL not cracking $50K in revenue…

If you are sinking more and more money into your business and not seeing ANY returns…

If you are wasting valuable time on free consult calls that always seem to end with potential clients disappearing (or courting your competitors. ugh.)

If you keep telling yourself – “I can’t do this! I just CAN’T do sales!”…

…then stay with me here because this may very well be the moment that changes your business forever. 

Listen up:

You CAN learn how to sell with calm, unshakeable confidence (no more sweaty palms or self-doubt spirals).

You CAN learn how to handle objections with class and charm like a well-seasoned pro, and hear “YES!” from your potential customers.

You CAN end your sales calls with your customer BEGGING to work with you and handing over their credit card number! (They’ll even thank YOU for the opportunity!)

Now that might sound crazy,

especially if what you’re used to is something more like this…

You’re sitting on a sales call palms sweating, trying desperately not to sound, well… desperate. You just finished your pitch.

You think it went well but then when you don’t get that YES immediately, those all-too-familiar, nagging thoughts start creeping in…

Was I too much? Was I too excited? Did I seem unprofessional? Why can’t I play it cool?

Wow, I’m actually not ready for this yet. What the heck was I thinking? I should go should back to my Mastermind and see what they think…

Maybe I should take some time off and go back to the drawing board to make sure my offer is absolutely perfect. I really don’t want to screw up.

You shake it off.

You’ve got this.

You’re a rockstar!

It’s gonna be ok.

Except now you’re thinking…

I’m sure the person on the other end can tell I’m new at this.

I’m not *really* an expert! I feel like a fraud!

What am I even talking about? I’m in way over my head…

Breathe in. You’ve got this. Breathe out. What you have to offer is genius and you know it! It’s a game changer. A life changer. A WORLD changer!

And then it happens, you hear those awful words from the other end of the line…

“I don’t think I can afford this.”

And that’s when you really start to spiral…

I totally priced this wrong…it’s probably not even worth that much…

Should I throw in some extras to seal the deal?

I don’t want to seem too pushy.

This person is just so nice, I don’t want them to think I’m taking advantage – maybe I should offer a discount?

I mean, I love what I do so much I’d do it for free – maybe I SHOULD do it for free.

All I really want to do is help people… it’s not about the money!

And just like that – it’s over.

You’re mortified. This isn’t the first time you flubbed a sale. It’s not even the 12th time.

You bumble through the end of the conversation apologetically, your confidence puddling around your lucky power-pumps which are no longer feeling all that lucky. Or powerful.

Your prospect leaves with the promise to “get in touch” which you know really means, “we’re never going to speak to each other again.”

You’re ready to give up. You feel like you don’t have what it takes to do this. You’re missing that killer, eye-of-the-tiger, take ‘em down at all costs, predatory drive that everyone tells you you need to make the sale.

As a smart, ambitious go-getter who has already done the hard work of building your business, you SHOULD be able to declare the value of your product without doubt or hesitation.

You know in your heart that you’re meant to impact the world in a BIG way…

so why are you still struggling to get customers?

It’s Not Your Fault…

You’ve not been taught to sell in a way that feels natural. You think you have to be pushy, aggressive, or bully your customers into saying yes in order to close the deal. When you sell this way everyone walks away with that icky, sleazy, slimy feeling – this is not how you want to do business, right?

The problem is most programs, books and training methods are based on the OLD way of doing business. 

The whole “won’t take no for an answer” way of making sales is old and outdated.

More importantly, people are tired of it.


find your customers, share your products and services, AND create raving fans like the real, connected, heart-centered person and change-maker that you actually are.

Imagine what’s possible for your business. You could:

Actually be EXCITED to get on the phone with prospects, because you know how to have easy, engaging, and feel-good conversations that convert into clients— and big bucks.

Consistently close sales in a way that feels like you’re helping a friend – not harassing a stranger.

Effortlessly build loyal, long-lasting customer relationships (i.e RAVING fans) – so you never have to worry about losing out to the competition.

Have the confidence to create compelling, premium offers that you KNOW are worth every penny – so you can work smarter, not harder, and finally make the money you need to have the freedom you want.

Generate major buzz on social about your services and products that lead to month-long wait lists, sold-out masterminds, and 5-figure launches.

Master an automated plug and play sales system, from your opt-ins to your email funnel, so you have more time to do the work you love instead of spending it chasing clients who ghost you or trying to reinvent the wheel.

What if you could do ALL that while still being your authentic, helpful, genuine, brilliant, charming self?

Guess what – That’s EXACTLY what’s possible for you and your business.

[Kendrick] completely changed my thinking around selling. I seriously can’t believe I went from hating it so bad that I would avoid it to actually excited to do it.

Kayla Eggenberger


Working with Kendrick opened my eyes to another way of selling and having sales conversations. She explained how she is able to shift the sometimes icky sales talk into something that’s more of a relationship builder than a pure transactional event.

After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business. I’ve got a new found confidence after working with Kendrick, and I know that the initial sales conversation is really just the beginning – even if I hear a ‘maybe later’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now’ instead of a yes.


Online Business Strategist

Sales School was created for people just like you

— honest business owners who want an ick-free, easily repeatable, step-by-step process for getting customers so you can make more money and a bigger difference without selling your soul.

You may not be able to see it right now but I can! I’ve lived it! Sales School has taught over a 1000 other students in 186 countries who have lived it and I want you to live it too!




Closing rates

you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to get your big, beautiful business out into the world.

You’ve started and stalled so many times you’ve lost count.

If you know:


who you serve


how you help them


and you know you're ready to do business differently

But you STILL can’t seem to get your business bringing in the kind of money you thought you’d be making by now…

You’ve got a sales problem.

(The good news is – learning to sell isn’t rocket science!)

Bottom Line:

So if what you’ve been doing isn’t working…
(and you’ve got the bank statements to prove it)…

Then learning HOW to sell (in a way that’s authentically you and completely ick-free) is what’s been missing.

Welcome to Sales School 2019

The #1 sales training for your business.

Sales School is a 7-week interactive experience backed by:

High-touch expert coaching

Results-driven training

… and mastermind level support for the price of a course

What Makes Sales School Different from Other Programs?


How do business owners, like you, consistently get the kind of results that allow you to stand out from your competitors, finally make the mark you’ve been dreaming of making, and pull in the kind of money that makes everyone who ever doubted you sit down and shut up?

“We Do Common Things Uncommonly Well.”

I’ve been in group coaching programs with a big range of results/experiences – Sales School blows every single one out of the water. I love everything I hear about how Kendrick runs her business and she’s a huge role model for me. I’m currently rebuilding my business from the ground up – new focus, new offering, etc – and this is majorly influencing what I’m creating to make sure I can match this quality.

Zack O’Shea


The amount of personal attention you’ll get for your business in Sales School

is more than most one to one coaching, making it virtually impossible for you to fail with this program!

You won’t find a more hands-on, high-touch, program out there!

We do the work TOGETHER, so it gets done. If you show up and take action on what you learn you WILL see changes in your business (and in your bank account ;)!

*The only way I can keep up this level of highly personalized attention is to keep my classes small. That is why I can only accept students who are ready to do the work, commit to themselves and make radical changes.*

The step-by-step process we teach will help you feel amazingly confident selling your products and services. Because what you’ll learn is that sales is all about having a conversation with the right person at the right time. It starts the minute someone finds you online… and ends with them making the very best decision for them (and for your bottom line!)

You will learn the proven sales tools, systems and strategies you’ve been missing, so you can attract loyal customers through genuine engagement and overcome objections with grace.

So that you can actually DO the work you’re meant to do (AND make a living doing it).

You will learn how to make more money

without you needing to be a sales bully.

So, for all you online business owners out there…


Who are struggling to find your customers…


Who feel like you’ve tried everything when it comes to marketing but nothing’s working…


Who have managed to build a big, beautiful business model but still can’t manage to build a big, beautiful bank account…


Who are ready to take their revenue to the next level, launch an incredible new program or offer a higher priced premium package, but don’t have the time (or the money) to test out a million new ideas that you have no idea will work for you…

Whether you’re trying to land your first paying client or trying to hit the 100K mark…

Real Coaching.
Real Support.
Real Results.

You may have done it before

but you’ve never done it like THIS!

Sales School is unlike any other program you’ll find out there. The commitment to students and getting them what you need to succeed is exceptional. For the 7-weeks of Sales School students have direct access to me 5 days a week.

Not a Facebook live

Not a moderated webinar

Not a pre-recorded training video

We do business differently. Show up differently.

I show up for my students LIVE in a video conference every day.

So we can talk face to face about EXACTLY what you need to succeed.

Sales School is changing online learning.

There is no other program that gives you the kind of high-level training and support that you’ll find in Sales School.

From heavy-hitting, high-touch curriculum to unparalleled feedback and one-on-one live coaching – you get everything you need to start making money in your business like, yesterday.

The interactive nature of the class spurred me to dig far deeper into the work than I imagined was even possible. The class has been far more demanding than I expected, which is wonderful because I have gotten a huge return for every bit of effort that I’ve put in.

Hugely increased overall sense of confidence about every aspect of the marketing and selling process.

Before SS I was confident that I was going to make this enterprise work, although I knew very little about the how. Now I know something about the how, and I see that it’s not magic, and now I really believe in myself.

Gregory Lee

Relationships Coach

Now, I know you might have a virtual desktop full of dusty old programs that you spent a lot of money on but never got around to finishing (or even starting!). You’re sitting there thinking, “I’m not going to waste any more of my precious money on some stale old program full of recycled material.”

I get it. There are plenty of reasons to distrust online programs.

Our industry is failing in a lot of ways.

There is a tendency in the world of online courses to over-promise and under-deliver leaving you with:

A steep price tag and minimal support

Disconnected business gurus who don’t understand where you are in your journey RIGHT NOW

Pre-recorded “one size fits all” training

You might be sick and tired of paying way too much for online programs that offered very little, leaving you spinning your wheels still trying to figure it all out on your own.

You’re frustrated, confused and not sure who to put your trust in to help you get your business off the ground.

And it breaks my heart because at some point, you start to lose hope. You start to believe that YOU are failing – that maybe this dream of yours was never meant to be after all. I don’t want you to give up!

I’ve been part of several group “coaching” programs relating to creating an online business. And I participated in all. All of them had good information. However, there was something missing from each – at least for me to really be able to apply the lessons to my business. Sales School has by and far blown every other program away just 5 days in!

Heather Moulder

Course Correction Coaching

I’ve been in this game for a long time and I know that I can teach you life-changing skills for you and your business.

I know that if I don’t show up someone is going to stay stuck and that is not just not ok with me. As a Sales School Student, you have daily access to ME, so you can get what you need when you need it.

You can make the hard work of seeing your dream realized as easy (and fun!) as possible.

You can gain the confidence you need to change lives, tap into your inner expert and show up in your life and your business like never before.

By the end of Sales School, you will join the hundreds of alumni who agree that Sales School was the single best investment they made for their business.

Sales School is like no other program that I have experienced online. The support is unparalleled and training is laid out in a clear and easy to follow manner. If you work with Kendrick, you’ll sense from the start that not only is she dedicated, hard working, and working from the heart, she has the background and ‘know how’ to support you and your business to get the results you’re looking for. I have been so impressed by Sales School and recommend it with 100% conviction that you will get the support you need to learn how to sell in a way that feels authentic and creates results in your business.

Nadia Hosko

Mindset Coach, Creative Business Consultant & Musical Meditation Guide

Mastermind level support for the price of a course?

YES! It’s possible!

This is truly beyond my wildest expectations of what I expected when I signed up for Sales School. I have never experienced this level of support. EVER! <3

Mimi Bishop

Side-hustle coach

You’ll never have to feel stuck again knowing you always have access to the exact answers you need without having to waste time searching.

In Sales School, I pride myself on the fact that no student is left behind. You have lifetime access to the content and community, so you can always take a refresher, receive ongoing support, and go back to complete any of the trainings you may have missed.

And we’re committed to keeping all content relevant and fresh. That’s why we are constantly updating our training tools. 

Did I mention you get access to the alumni lounge and the library forever?

That’s right. Forever. No charge.

In August, I signed up for Kendrick Shope’s program, Sales School.
It was a big investment. But I was swayed by the fact that sales were my weak point, and she promised to make them feel GOOD, not icky or sleazy or gross.

I’m not even going to get into the content of Sales School. Because yes, you could just buy a sales course if you wanted to.

But the SUPPORT and FEEDBACK were incredible. I have never, in all of my time as a course junkie, seen this level of 1:1 support and feedback. In a course!

Kendrick Shope is the QUEEN of over-delivering.
If we had a question? Kendrick would answer it.
If we needed help coming up with the right words for something?
Kendrick would create a template for it.
If we needed feedback on our copy, discovery calls, emails, opt-ins?
Kendrick was there to give it.
I don’t even know if this lady slept for all 7 weeks of Sales School!

And she didn’t stop! As an alumni, if a question or problem comes up – she’ll go live to answer it, or better yet, create an entire masterclass around it. I can’t even list everything that you’ll get in here, because Kendrick just keeps on improving Sales School. And lucky us – as alumni, we can join the live program as often as we’d like!

Yael Bendahan

Digital Marketing Strategist

Give your business the support it deserves

Enroll in Sales School Now

Each semester is limited to 100 students only to make sure you get the attention you deserve.

One payment of



4 payments of



10 payments of



Here’s what you will learn


Overcome Your Fear Of Selling

Selling begins with believing in the difference your product or service makes. You may know what you’ve got but if you don’t truly believe it you’re going to have a hard time selling it.

We have a tendency to ask for validation.

“Do you like this? Is it ok? Do you think this right for you?” (Sound familiar?)

In week 1 you’re going to learn how to stop asking and start asserting your value.

You will learn a new way of looking at your business and your product so you can hold your head high and say with confidence,

“This product has value for you and I’m going to tell you why.”

By the end of week 1 you will have radically reframed your thoughts about selling and built the foundation you need to create offers that convert without ever feeling pushy again.


Write Your Home Page, About Me Page, & Opt-in that sells

Now that you are confident in your business and your product it’s time to start telling your story.

These days your message almost always starts online. Your potential clients will get to know you before you even know they’re there! That’s why your Home, About Me and Opt-In pages are so vitally important. It’s not enough to write well, you have to write to sell.

In week 2 you’re going to learn how to create copy that speaks to your potential clients in a way that resonates with them. You’ll learn how to build the trust that you need to make the sale and the right words to use to get them there.

By the end of week 2, you will actually have this work completed! I’m not just going to teach you how – we’re going to do it together.

So by the end of this week, you’ll have it all done! One less hurdle to jump. Phew!


Write Your Sales Page That Converts

You’ve built up your confidence around your product, learned how to write copy that sells – now we’re going to tackle the ever-so-daunting sales page!

In week 3 you’re going to take the skills learned in week 2 and apply them to your sales page. Get ready to have your mind blown by our Sales School Formula. With this tool, you are going to be able to take your messaging skills and use them to convert lurkers to loyal fans!

By the end of week 3, you will have created the kind of dynamic copy that will not only lead a customer to purchase but have them begging to sign on the dotted line!

And we’re going to do it together so you can’t fail!


Discovery Calls That Convert

We’re halfway through Sales School!

Now you’re feeling confident about what you have to offer and your ability to deliver it. You have perfected your messaging and you know how to lead your customers through their buyers’ journey and straight to you. Now let’s take that off the page and into real life!

In week 4 you’re going to learn how to navigate your discovery calls so you can convert like crazy! This week I will share with you my tried and true Discovery Call Script that has been proven to convert nearly 80% of the time!

By the end of week 4 you will be dying to get on those calls you used to dread knowing that you now have the skills to seal the deal without breaking a sweat! (Past students have gotten their first clients and make thousands of dollars just from the skills learned from this week.)


7 ways To Overcome Objections

This week is a game-changer.

One thing that can take the wind out of our sales – no matter how clear and self-assured we are – is objections. So often women hear objections as a hard no, instead of an opportunity to continue to the conversation.

In week 5 you will learn 7 ways to overcome common objections. One of the most powerful things you will learn in Sales School is what to do when you hear the words those awful words…

“I’d love to do this, but I can’t afford you.”

By the end of week 5, you’ll have:


A step-by-step process to overcome objections and hear that “YES”.


7 tools at your disposal to use the one that works best in each specific client and situation.

Imagine how great it will feel when you know exactly what to say to meet your prospect exactly where they are, and to coach them to their best outcome without ZERO pushy sales ick.


Follow Up & Emails That Entice Your People To Purchase

Now that we’ve learned that art of making sales both with the written word and in person it’s time to learn the art of the Follow Up.

In week 6 you’ll learn how to use follow up calls and emails to entice your people to finally commit to YOU. It’s simple. 50% of all sales are closed in follow up. If you’re not following up then you’re leaving money on the table.

By the end of week 6, you’ll have all the tricks you need to make your follow-ups easier, more productive and more fun.

You’ll also walk away with:


35 done-for-you take-and-tweak scripts so that following up will be easy for you.


The color email strategy for email funnels that actually work so that you know what to write and when to send it in order to get your prospects to know, like and trust you (because that’s when they BUY from you!)


Social Selling

Now that you’ve gotten all your traditional sales techniques in the bag it’s time to take a look at the future of sales. And it’s all about getting social and finding your people.

After all if they don’t know you, they will not buy from you.

In week 7 you’ll learn all about leveraging social media to increase your sales and your online presence. Businesses that are active on social media close 70% more sales but you have to know how to use social effectively to create those sales.

By the end of week 7, you’ll know exactly what types of posts are the most effective and how to create them in order to turn your prospects into paying customers. #winning.

The rules of social selling are always changing! But don’t worry, we’ve got you. After graduation, you will have lifetime access to our constantly updated library and continued education tools so you can stay up to date on ALL the current trends.



Congratulations! You did it!!

When you graduate, you’ll get access to your personalized 90-Day Action Plan. This is a comprehensive guide to help you keep moving confidently and powerfully forward in your business.

It’s based on all my years of experience and what I know it takes to have a long-lasting and sustainable online business- but I didn’t want it to be a “because I say so” plan, so I invited some of the brightest business coaches, thought leaders and marketing mavens out there today to contribute to and weigh in on the final model. All I can say is, it delivers. You’ll never feel like you don’t know what steps to take next again.

No one ever wants Sales School to end. And, in a way, it never really does.

With the Alumni Lounge and continued Monthly Tutor Times (not to mention our ALWAYS current Library FULL of tips, tricks, and trainings) the opportunities to learn never end.

I don’t want there to be ANY reason to stay stuck once you’ve finished Sales School. That’s why I’m committed to staying connected with you and your business for life!


I was able to create a consistent and effective message in every medium that I use to communicate… the website copy, sales call and social media. This course is fabulous.

Carla Hightower

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Before I entered Sales School, I had a big business dream and an even bigger fear of talking about my work. Whenever anyone mentioned the word “sales” I simply stopped listening. Selling was scary and gross.

Now, thanks to the care, compassion, and kick-ass content Kendrick and her team delivered, fear has morphed into courage, and confusion has become clarity. I enthusiastically embrace selling, because just like Kendrick promised it would, selling has become helping. And I love helping!

Sales School works. Since graduating just a few weeks ago, four new authors have said yes. My business dream is becoming my business reality.

Michelle Radomski

Book Coach

What’s Waiting For You In Sales School


Live classes taught by Kendrick

Live interaction + The Sales School proven curriculum that works.

Monday Live Class with Kendrick @ 4:00-5:30pm CST

  • April 25 Course Orientation
  • April 29 Week 1
  • May 6 Week 2
  • May 13 Week 3
  • May 20 Week 4
  • May 27 Implementation week – no class or study groups
  • June 3 Week 5
  • June 10 Week 6
  • June 17 Week 7
  • June 21 Graduation

Class begins April 29th and Ends June 21


Daily tutor times Q&A with Kendrick

LIVE Question and Answer Sessions With ME every week day for 7 weeks. This means if you show up and do the work you will be coached live.

You’ll have the opportunity to get direct, in-person feedback on your assignments from ME! (You all know how super rare that is to find in a group training!) 

come as you need

Tuesdays 10 am CST
Wednesdays 4 pm CST
Thursdays 7 pm CST
Fridays Noon CST


Additional mastermind level support with Authentic Selling instructors

Sales School Instructor and Mindset EXPERT, Suzy Rosenstein
Thursdays 10 am

Sales School Instructor and Accountability Expert, Nefateria F. Robinson
Tuesdays 7 pm

mastermind level support that keeps giving!

What’s Waiting For You After Sales School


Sales School Study Hall

This is your private Facebook group where you will interact with me, my incredible support team and other Sales School students to get quick answers to your specific questions as you complete the assignments.

This is a great place to check in between Tutor Times and weekly classes to get support and encouragement from your classmates. Running an online business can be exciting, challenging and so rewarding but it can also be lonely. The comradery developed with your fellow Sales School-ers is an invaluable part of the Sales School experience and honestly, you’ll build professional relationships and friendships that last a lifetime.

This group… there is SO much power in these people. Being able to be real and raw about everything without fear of judgment.


Sleep Consultant



This is a level of FREE continuing education that you won’t see anywhere else. When you graduate from Sales School, the education and opportunities to learn don’t stop. (We’re more like a Mastermind that way.) You’ll get your ticket to the Alumni Lounge Facebook group where you will receive:

2 monthly continued education trainings with Kendrick

Alumni Tutor Times

so that as your business grows you can get your questions answered in real time as they come up,

Opportunities to tell me exactly what you need to learn...

our alumni trainings are driven by YOUR feedback, so you’ll always have exactly what you need to succeed.

OH and here’s the best part…your seat in the Alumni Lounge is FOR LIFE.

You’ve gone above and beyond in giving and over-giving to help us. Your genuine concern for our ability to learn and incorporate our learning into our business warms my heart. Your program is a role model to me of how to over-deliver value! I can’t thank you enough!

Jo Ann Kobuke




This is a complete Library full of done-for-you resources, take-and-tweak templates, and quick recap videos so that you will always know how to make the sale in an authentic way in any situation you encounter.

You will not find a more comprehensive group of resources for your business anywhere else!

The Sales School Library has:

35 Take and Tweak Templates

  • Follow Up Templates – Convert 50% more potential customers by mastering your follow ups and turning a “maybe” into “where do I sign!”.
  • Sales Email Templates – Use the proven verbiage that has landed other Sales School grads over a million dollars in business.
  • Overcoming Objections – From tackling money concerns to handling the dreaded “Let me talk it over with my spouse” these templates will give you the exact words you need to close the deal.

Video Trainings

  • “How To…” – Whether you want to learn how to nail your consult call, write the perfect funnel that has people showing up with wallet in hand or raise your prices without resistance these video sessions will help you get the job done!
  • 15 “If this, then that” Videos – These unique trainings will walk you through 15 different scenarios that commonly trip up business owners and will teach you how to expertly navigate each one.
  • And that’s just the beginning! There’s SO much more!

Kendrick rocks. She’s a font of sales knowledge and breaks shit down into bite-size, manageable chunks. It makes it easy to process.

The follow-up templates to send to potential clients were worth the price of the course alone. Keep being awesome.

Becky Dickson

Bullshit Slayer™

So what’s the actual value of Sales School? I’ll tell you.


LIFETIME Access to the #1 sales training for your business

(Value $4000)



(Value $8000)



(Value $2500)





YOUR investment only $4000

Class size is limited to ONLY 100 students per semester to get you attention and RESULTS

Choose the Sales School plan that works for you

One payment of



4 payments of



10 payments of



The Sales School Promise

When your business isn’t showing you a lot of returns, the cost of Sales School can seem a little daunting. Maybe you’ve already dumped a lot of your hard earned cash into online programs that promised a lot and delivered a little. A lot of those courses are likely still sitting on your virtual shelf unopened or half-finished.

It’s ok. There is no reason to spend any more time beating yourself up over time and money spend on past mistakes. Because they weren’t mistakes – not really.

These “missteps” were necessary to get you to where you are right now. Even those programs that feel like they were duds have delivered you something – whether you know it or not – that has helped or will help you on your business journey. I know, because I lived it. You may not be able to see the other side right now, but I can!

Imagine having the confidence of knowing how to serve your people better, being able to tap into your inner expert and show up in your life like never before!

I promise you, as sure as my hair is red, Sales School has the absolute pure potential to be the best investment you’ve ever made. In fact, that’s the number one praise that we get from our graduates.

When you invest in this program I’m going to invest in YOU.

I believe in my students too much to let Sales School turn into another online program that collects digital dust

(or leaves you in the dust).

Building an online business can be hard but it IS possible.

Sales School provides the right support, the right plan, and the right mindset that you need to transform what’s not working right now into a solid, successful foundation and a proven, PROFITABLE framework that you’ll be able to use over and over again to scale your business to heights you never even imagined were possible.

So if you dedicate yourself to:


Showing up to class


Knowing who you serve


Asking for help when you need it (or when you are unclear on the week’s lesson) during Tutor Times


Implementing the strategies you learn…

This program is dang near foolproof.

Investing in Sales School and Kendrick Shope was the BEST investment I’ve ever made. Hands down.

I made my investment back two weeks before the training ended!! I’ve never had that happen before.

Sales School is THE most high-touch online program you’ll ever find. I don’t know how Kendrick does it all and still manages to laugh and look so fabulous!

She has such a generous heart and is even more invested in your success than you are. Every question is answered. Every problem is solved. And what’s incredible is the support I’m receiving as an alum!!! UH-MAZING!!!

I just feel better waking up in the morning, knowing that Kendrick is part of my world. Business building is definitely less lonely with Kendrick by my side.

Uma Girish

Grief Guide

No Student Left Behind Refund Policy

I am 100% dedicated to Sales School students and believe with my whole heart that if you show up to class, implement what you learn there, take advantage of the assignment feedback opportunities and follow the plan laid out for you – you will see real results, real revenue, and real raving fans within the first 3 months. But I understand that I can’t be a perfect fit for EVERYBODY, so if you take the first two classes in Sales School and you don’t see the value it adds to your business you’re free to drop out with a full refund. Just email your Sales School student care team to start the process. There are two simple conditions to qualify for a refund.

1. We ask that you turn in the assignments from Weeks 1 and 2.
2. Provide the reason that Sales School isn’t a good fit for your business.

You have until May 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM to request a refund as mapped out above.

Give your business the support it deserves

Enroll in Sales School Today!

Each semester is limited to 100 students only to make sure you get the attention you deserve.

One payment of



4 payments of



10 payments of



Still have questions? We’ve got answers!

Here are our Sales School FAQ’s:

You talk about results a lot. How can I be sure I’ll get the ones I want?
This isn’t your typical sink-or-swim online course. As soon as Sales School starts, you’re going to have a place to start with your win/win document. You’ll share with me the three goals you want to accomplish with your investment and I’m going to help you get there, checking in with you along the way.

And remember the Sales School promise: If there’s anything you need more help on, we’ll schedule a time to talk live so that you get the results you expect from your investment. Because I don’t feel like I’ve truly succeeded until you have.


Is this an investment in yourself and your business? Of course. But selling is a skill set that makes your business money FOR LIFE (and totally worth the less than $5.50 you’ll be spending a day on Sales School if you ask me).

Without the ability to sell, your business can’t survive. The good news is: Most of my students recoup their investment in a matter of months (some have even made their money back in a day by using ONE of the follow-up scripts in the bonus library).

Plus, you’ll get your 90-day no fail plan when you join Sales School, which outlines every step you need to begin making your investment back.
I’ve thoughtfully tailored Sales School to make it practically impossible for you to fail, as long as you do your part.

Copywriters can help you sound like a pro, but they aren’t there to help you handle yourself like one when you’re talking to potential clients on the fly, via email, or on an initial call. Sales School teaches you the art of Authentic Selling®, so you can know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that feels true to you without any slime or grime.
I’m thrilled you asked. Unlike most group training programs, the level of hands-on support and commitment you’ll be getting from me in Sales School is pretty much unprecedented and makes getting real results easier than ever.

I’ll be blunt: You need to implement what you learn, and you’ll only get out of Sales School what you put in (like most things in life). What I can promise you is NO student is left behind.

I believe in you and your business. I’m here to make getting results inevitable. And if YOU’RE committed to getting your money’s worth out of Sales School, so am I.

In short, yes. Sales School will help you learn how to speak in a way that converts. But you’ll need to understand your niche to be able to communicate with your ideal clients.
Both! No matter what kind of business you run, Sales School teaches you sales principles that’ll help attract and woo customers and keep them committed.

While our syllabus does cover some topics specific to service-based businesses (like consult calls, email scripts for follow-ups, etc), you’ll also learn how to write high-converting sales copy, all about social selling, and how to talk about what you’re selling in a way that’s engaging and genuine — which is perfect for in-person networking and marketing situations!

Definitely not! Some of the most successful Sales School graduates have been B2C and B2B business owners. You’ll find everyone from graphic designers, to coaches, to photographers, to nutritionists, to psychics, to estheticians and product makers in here.
I’m so busy with my business, what if I don’t have time to complete the training and homework?
You get lifetime access to both the video training, library and study hall Facebook Community. Plus, all of our live coaching calls are recorded. So while you’ll get more value out of following along with us, participating in weekly tutor times, and having your homework reviewed by me, Sales School is designed to be easily accessible and fit into your schedule when it’s most convenient for you.
Is there a payment plan?
Yes, you asked and I listened! You can choose to pay $4000 up front or you have to option to either make 4 monthly installments of $1000 or 10 installments of $400. For each plan, the first payment will be due upon signing up.
And when does registration close?

Enrollment closes April 28th or when all 100 seats are filled – whichever occurs first. All students need to be registered by April 18 for Spring Session.

How is content delivered to me?
After purchase I will email you a link to the student portal where you will create a username and password.

Once logged in you will have FULL access to all Sales School Content.

I will also be sending you weekly emails so you’ll be able to stay engaged and on track!

How much time per week will Sales School Require?
Live classes are 90 minutes a week. On average Tutor Time is about 60 minutes a session. You have daily opportunities to attend live question and answer sessions as needed. If you plan an average of 3 hours per week that should give you plenty of time to get the most out of your Sales School experience!
Ok, but I’m still not 100% sure if Sales School is right for me.

Bottom line — I’d never want you to make a purchase you’re not confident about. Which is why I’m happy to hop on the phone to make sure this is the right choice for you and your business. You can email me here to get your Qs answered, or make an appointment through my lovely assistant:

What happens when I decide to enroll in Sales School?

When you click the Enroll button you will be taken to a purchase page where you’ll be asked for your payment information.

After you complete your purchase you will get a special thank you video from me welcoming you to Sales School and our online community.

Then check your inbox for your first email that will give you access to the Sales School Student Portal and FULL LIBRARY so you can start honing your skills before class even begins!

I know we all have a lot on our plates so I’ll send you a reminder email a month before class is in session and another the week before Sales School begins.


We will meet every Monday from APRIL 29 – JUNE 17, 2019

On top of your weekly classes and daily Tutor Times, you will also receive weekly emails from me for the full 7-weeks that Sales School is in session so you can stay engaged and invested in the process.

Still have questions? For more specific answers, please email us at



We only accept students who are ready to commit fully to the program and make big changes to the way they think about and approach sales.

If you are not committed to overcoming your fear of selling in order to achieve your dream of growing a business, sealing big deals, and creating the financial freedom and lifestyle you crave then this program is not for you!

Remember, this is NOT a self-paced course because self-paced means never done. f you’re not ready to show up to class, do the homework and start making real money – you’re not ready for Sales School.

But if you are ready to close your sales 80% of the time, if you’re ready to increase your business by half, if you’re ready to walk the walk and see MAJOR changes in your business I’m ready for you!

Prior to enrolling in Sales School, I wasn’t bringing in consistent students. My business was 1.5 years old and I was struggling with how to communicate the value of my services and overcome money objections for the college student population.

After enrolling in the sales school, the first clients I used Kendrick’s consult call script said yes to a $450.00 offer. The first offer I had sold over the phone at that high of a price point.

I enrolled 18 students into my 1:1 services between Feb-May 2017. Where ALL of 2016 I only had 11.

I also made more in the 4 months that I was enrolled and applying everything in sales school than I had all of 2016. I was hearing fewer objections because I was able to communicate to my clients the benefits of working with me in a way I had never been before.

I don’t know if you are struggling in your business right now. Maybe you have it all together. Maybe you know exactly how to overcome objections. Maybe you have a calendar full of clients and your making 7 figures. But if you’re not, I highly suggest you enroll in sales school.

Kendrick practices what she teaches and goes above and beyond to make sure you see success if you show up and put in the work as well.


Study Skills Strategist

Still on the fence? Listen to Clarissa, not me.

“No one overdelivers more for her students than Kendrick’s Sales School”

Only 100 seats! Choose the Sales School plan that works for you

One payment of



4 payments of



10 payments of



Who’s Kendrick

Kendrick Shope is an international sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling process and founder of Sales School, the leading online sales training for modern businesses producing millions of dollars in revenue for her students.

Often called the most over-delivering woman online, Kendrick believes in doing business differently, providing her Sales School students with Rocky Balboa’s drive and Olivia Pope’s determination to their success.

Kendrick hosts Authentic Selling TV and Podcast, reaching 186 countries and 6 continents where she provides sales expertise that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.

Here’s what industry leaders have to say

A natural born Saleswoman.

Marie Forleo

creator of B-School,

The kind of spark and sizzle that exudes from Kendrick is not only motivating, it’s truly rare. Work with Kendrick if you want a partner who will ignite your brilliance and fuel your desire–on the double.

Susan Hyatt

Coach, O Contributor

You get better results for your clients than I’ve ever seen.

Ali Brown

Business Coach


Sales School is gonna change your business and your life.

Marsha Shandur

Founder & Networking Mentor, Yes Yes Marsha

I’ve doubled my income in my first year after Sales School.

Lais Scortegagna

Brand and web designer, Your Captivating Brand

It was my first 6 figure year that allowed me to hire a team.


Being Boss co-host and founder of Indie Shopography

That’s a skill that will forever stay with me.

Maru Iabichela


My business had a huge breakthrough and I have much more time and headspace.



Thank you so much, Kendrick, for all your devotion to us and our businesses. Thank you for the fantastic resources!

Karen K Trepte

Absolutely! 2 this week and one next week! and my opt-ins are up 20%
Got my first customer using Kendrick Shope’s awesome Sales School Consult script

Suzy Rosenstein

Happy to be sharing a win!!
4 LOVE follow-ups later and a client has resigned with me in one of my larger programs! woot-woot! <3 It’s all about the follow-up! I probably would have given up on her … But I know better now! Thank you Thank you, Kendrick Shope.

Lindsay Weisenthal

I booked 52k in business in one week.

Laura Husson

You can be the next Sales School big success

Kendrick rocks. She’s a font of sales knowledge and breaks shit down into bite-size, manageable chunks. It makes it easy to process. The follow up templates to send to potential clients were worth the price of the course alone. Keep being awesome.

Becky T. Dickson

I have more clients, website copy I adore and that really speaks to my ideal client, and am able to lead my consultations with authentic confidence.

Kendrick embodies that rare combination of someone who is super professional and full of hands-on knowledge and tools, and at the same time, incredibly kind, real, and fun!

I appreciated this combination so much because it allowed me to enjoy the journey of learning as much as the results themselves… which, by the way were not shabby either: I have more clients, website copy I adore and that really speaks to my ideal client, and am able to lead my consultations with authentic confidence. I am a very visual person, so for me it was wonderful that our sessions took place over skype and that we were able to work on shared documents at the same time.

Every time we hung up, I felt like we had accomplished so much! I have no reservation about recommending Kendrick to anyone who values authenticity and is looking for someone who gives you feedback and tools that are not only valuable but really tailored for who you are and what you want to do in the world. I loved that Kendrick really heard me and saw who I am. I believe that’s the only way for me to create a business I will love in the long-run. If you have ever wondered about what it looks like if someone over-delivers again and again, work with Kendrick.


Authenticity & Goal Setting Coach

What Kendrick teaches is the kind of sales training that every entrepreneur should be REQUIRED to take.

When I started working with Kendrick I was burnt out from the way I was doing business, but not making enough profit from all of my hard work! This gorgeous redhead was a godsend when it came to restructuring my copywriting services. And then, on top of that, she taught me exactly how to have sales conversations with potential clients. It was an absolute delight to work with Kendrick!

Courtney Johnston

Rebellious Copywriter

I booked 52k in business in one week.


I created a six month waiting list within eight weeks.
Kendrick showed me more effective ways to explain to potential clients how I can help them. I feel more confident than ever in my consult process. I also got ideas, tools, and approaches for handling the clients who do “need to think about it” or who truly can’t afford to work with me. I know how to respond to those answers without being too pushy or too passive.

Within a few weeks of working with Kendrick, I signed on three clients that would have otherwise said “no.” They were perfect clients for me, but they weren’t ready to say “yes” on the phone. With Kendrick’s help, I was able to do authentic, genuine, caring follow-up emails to help those prospects decide that I was the perfect coach for them…. and sign up to work with me. Then, within 8 weeks of working with Kendrick, I was able to fill a 6 month waiting list!

Not only did I get immediate results from working with Kendrick, the ideas she’s taught me will serve me and my business indefinitely. Thank you, Kendrick!!

Jenny Shih

Business Coach & Consultant

After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business.

Working with Kendrick opened my eyes to another way of selling and having sales conversations. She explained how she is able to shift the sometimes icky sales talk into something that’s more of a relationship builder than a pure transactional event. After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business. I’ve got a newfound confidence after working with Kendrick, and I know that the initial sales conversation is really just the beginning – even if I hear a ‘maybe later’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now’ instead of a yes.

Nathalie Lussier

Online Business Strategist

Kendrick is a magician! Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over.

Throw any sales dilemma her way and she’ll transform it from jumbled headjam into a crystal clear process. Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over. I now have a sales flow that I’m excited to use, and enables me to serve more of the people who need my help.

Alicia Cowan

Social Media Strategist

I learned everything I hoped in Sales School + so much more!

I love the consistency + energy of Sales School. Kendrick absolutely rocked our group calls with style + a sweet sense of humor that always kept our learning light + easy. Learning how to sell feels so fun working with Kendrick…just the way learning should be!

Thank you! Being part of this community + learning with you has been such a gift, Kendrick. So appreciate your generosity of spirit and soulful, loving, support. You’re pretty frickin’ rad. 😉

Denise Dare


I honestly can’t imagine launching a program or filling one of my high-end year-long mentorships without Kendrick’s wisdom, insight, and guidance.

I’ve never met anyone who approaches sales the way she does. Using her methods, I’ve comes to feel that “selling” isn’t a pushy sleazy thing I have to do in addition to my coaching work– instead, it becomes an ethical, compassionate, integrated part of the process. That’s because it’s all about figuring out exactly what problems I can help people solve– and articulately that really really clearly to them.

I know that sounds simple, but learning her Authentic Selling process will totally transform your business and your revenue. Kendrick is fun, hilarious, and kind, but she’s also one of the keenest business minds I’ve ever encountered. If you want to know how to fill your programs or sell your products and feel GREAT about it, you should work with her.

Anna Kunnecke

Master Life Coach & founder of The Queen Sweep

I have learned basic and invaluable sales skills and mindset that I could apply not just how to write copy for my website, newsletters, but also how to conduct my day-to-day work elsewhere. I became I much more customer-oriented person who is always seeking to understand my customers’ pain points and coming up with solutions that resonate with them. Kendrick has great energy and empathy that are so motivation and just make me want to work with her more!

Iris Cai

Career Coach

Go for it! As a copywriter + content creator I learned sales skills that I’ve been able to apply not just in my own business, but in the copy and content I write for my clients. Kendrick offers so much value, plus you meet some amazing people as you partner up to practice!

Jennifer Bryant Robbins

Copywriter + content creator

The biggest value I got from Sales School was moving away from feeling afraid to sell strangers on my services over the phone to being excited to get on a call and use Kendrick’s proven techniques.

The transformation has been 180. Now I feel guilty for NOT selling potential clients on my services because I feel like I am denying them the chance to get the educational or professional opportunities of their dreams. And oftentimes, if I don’t sell them, they could possibly miss out on thousands of free dollars or waste thousands of dollars going through another round of applications.

It has also helped me learn that ‘your client’s money is none of your business.’ Please get in Sales School so Kendrick can teach you this TRUTH. Please. Kendrick teaches you in Sales School that is someone really believes you can help them, they will find a way to pay. A few days ago I had a post-service consult with a very pleased client who I gave a discount (I don;t say this to toot my own horn, but it was one of those aha moments). She lamented how much she did not have enough to pay me full price at the time…. I know her overall application process cost a lot, so I was curious. I asked her ‘How did you pay for the rest of the application?’ her answer ‘Well, those had to be paid.’ At that moment, I heard Kendrick in my head… ‘Call their bluff.’ You will learn what she means in Sales School.

If you can’t sell, you don’t have a business. Sales School has been priceless for me. My income has gotten much better- it is not yet where I need it to be, but much if that is tied to me redefining who I serve (Btw, if you have NO idea who you help and how to help them, don’t buy Sales School now) and not consistently creating content (Kendrick’s 90-day plan will show you just how important that is). I took out a loan to be able to afford Sales School, in a non-US currency, and I am so glad I did it. The lifetime access alone is worth jumping on. So is the community you get access to.

If you’re serious about entrepreneurship because you want the freedom it provides, get used to investing in pros. Kendrick is a pro.

Shawna-Kaye Lester

College and Medical Admissions Consultant