Sales School

2018 is coming!

You’ve known for years that you’re meant to impact the world in a big way.

You’re tired of just getting by or that smirk when your family asks how’s the business going. You’re beyond sick of getting stuck.

You’re an action taker and it’s your time!

Here’s the question you need to ask yourself.

Is The Action You’re Taking Working?

Are you finding yourself

Struggling with a pricing system for your offers?

Craving the steps to a compelling offer that people are excited to sign up for over and over?

Dreaming of the day when your discovery calls feel easy and even like you’re helping?

Wondering how to really get your clients attention on social media without feeling sleazy about it?

Needing a break from all the learning, application, correct, and repeat? You need to get out of this cycle, right?

Wanting the words to confidently tell people about your pricing not feel like you’re pressuring them into buying?

Needing a plan to draft and send emails that entice people to buy and feel good about it?

Wishing you could sell people on your amazing offers without selling?

Finally, make money, do what you love, and impact your people?

That’s exactly what Sales School 2018 will do for your business

Take you from taking action that isn’t working to having a complete sales system for your online business that will create results, revenue, & raving fans.

How can I be so sure?



Over 5 years of being the #1 Sales Training for online businesses.


Raving Fans

54 pages of testimonials from Sales School Alumni.


Real Results

Results-based curriculum with application – you do the work within the class so that this is a continuing education experience you love and complete.

What’s Included?

One of the things that makes your Sales School Experience exceptional is that all your classes are taught live on Zoom.

So you will not get drip released content but you will get me online with you and we have a true learning experience.

Sales School is not self-paced because, let’s face it, self-paced means “never completed”.

We do the work together so that you can apply it to your business and see results NOW.


What You Will Learn


How To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling


How To Write Your Home Page, About Me Page, & Opt- IN- you will actually do this work, not just learn how.


How To Write Your Sales Page- you will actually do this work, not just learn how.


How To Have Discovery Calls That Convert.


How To Overcome Objections.


How To Follow Up & Write Emails That Entice Your People To Purchase.


How To Get Discovery Calls, Social Selling, Webinars & Self Promotion Without The Sleaze.

As a Sales School Graduate, you will experience continued support with

All access to the Sales School Library

Which is like your coach on demand. One graduate said the access to the Sales School Library had made her over 25k!

Need a follow up to overcome an objection? You can find one done for you in the Sales School Library.

Need a quick five-minute review to help you book more discovery calls? No problem. We have short coach on-demand videos to help you when you get stuck.

AND just this week I gave over 1000 alumni a free 30 min private session with me, just for being alumni!

Sales School continues to offer support beyond class!

We believe in you and your business and we put our money where our mouth is by offering you support beyond Sales School.

All of this means you are taking the right action to

make more money, get more clients and

be in control of your freedom and future.

Sales School is changing online learning

paving the way for your online business to take the right action in 2018 so you can make money and do work you love.

Take control of your future, finances, and freedom.

 limited seats! Get on the list for Sales School 2018

More value in 30 minutes than a year-long mastermind. One more ‘hire my help’ package sold today over $1200.00

I’ve worked with coaches, taken courses, signed up for memberships and joined mastermind groups that didn’t give me half of the clarity that I got from 30 minutes on the phone with Kendrick. You are f*cking awesome. Thank you

Amy Wright

The Mom CEO

The sales I made paid for your services threefold

You rock! I followed your coaching. I did what you said to do and…..nailed it! I made my first really big and very expensive sale with no fear! Usually, I discount the price but this time, I followed your instructions and bingo! Made the sale – full price! BTW: that sales paid for your services threefold..woo hoo! How can I thank you enough….wow! Everyone who is serious about closing deals should work with you. YOU are awesome!

Susan James


What Kendrick teaches is the kind of sales training that every entrepreneur should be REQUIRED to take

When I started working with Kendrick I was burnt out from the way I was doing business, but not making enough profit from all of my hard work! This gorgeous redhead was a godsend when it came to restructuring my copywriting services. And then, on top of that, she taught me exactly how to have sales conversations with potential clients. It was an absolute delight to work with Kendrick!

Courtney Johnston

Rebellious Copywriter

The Specifics

August 13- September 24, 2018, Mondays 3:30-5PM Central

ALL classes recorded and loaded to your virtual Sales School classroom.
One hour of teaching followed by 30 minutes of your questions answered.

Fridays Noon-1PM Central

Tutor Time where you have another opportunity to get live answers to your questions.

Access to the #1 Sales Training For YOUR Business.

Authentic Selling® Community Only Bonuses

Payment Plan that is affordable

Private Sessions

Feedback on your assignments

Free Ticket to Authentic Selling@ Live

Take control of your future, finances, and freedom.

limited seats! Get on the list for Sales School 2018