Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Two years ago, a coach told me to stop going to teachers—that it would be impossible to build a business with teachers as clientele. Last March, Kendrick said, “I can’t tell you exactly how long it will take, but I believe in you, and I believe in your business.” Last month I created a new coaching program for teachers who want to write a book or start a side business. Got my first high ticket client a couple of weeks ago, and after this turbulent day, just signed my 2nd high ticket client. One more thing: they have both been teachers. Thank you Kendrick 🙏🏼💕

Meredith Finals

Coach, Meredith Finals

In 2018 I’ve made all I’ve done in 2017 in a month.

Clarissa Rodriguez

Study skills strategist, She Rocks @College

The sales I made paid for your services threefold

You rock! I followed your coaching. I did what you said to do and…..nailed it! I made my first really big and very expensive sale with no fear! Usually, I discount the price but this time, I followed your instructions and bingo! Made the sale – full price! BTW: that sales paid for your services threefold..woo hoo! How can I thank you enough….wow! Everyone who is serious about closing deals should work with you. YOU are awesome!

Susan James

Coach, Susan James

Sales School is gonna change your business and your life.

Marsha Shandur

Founder & Networking Mentor, Yes Yes Marsha

What Kendrick teaches is the kind of sales training that every entrepreneur should be REQUIRED to take When I started working with Kendrick I was burnt out from the way I was doing business, but not making enough profit from all of my hard work! This gorgeous redhead was a godsend when it came to restructuring my copywriting services. And then, on top of that, she taught me exactly how to have sales conversations with potential clients. It was an absolute delight to work with Kendrick!
Courtney Johnston

Rebellious Copywriter, Rebellious Copywriter

I’ve doubled my income in my first year after Sales School.

Lais Scortegagna

Brand and web designer, Your Captivating Brand

After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business.

Working with Kendrick opened my eyes to another way of selling and having sales conversations. She explained how she is able to shift the sometimes icky sales talk into something that’s more of a relationship builder than a pure transactional event. After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business. I’ve got a newfound confidence after working with Kendrick, and I know that the initial sales conversation is really just the beginning – even if I hear a ‘maybe later’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now’ instead of a yes.

Nathalie Lussier

Online Business Strategist

It was my first 6 figure year that allowed me to hire a team.


Being Boss co-host and founder of Indie Shopography

xoxo Loving SALES SCHOOL SO MUCH – the most valuable program I’ve been part of so far. Thank you thank you thank you.
Mary Sabo

That’s a skill that will forever stay with me.

Maru Iabichela


Kendrick was so thorough-she went into everything in so much detail on the calls and pulled out each takeaway clearly and succinctly. Loved her delivery and her openness and willingness to go above and beyond! I’ve already reaped the reward of this material. By learning how to sell (and follow-up) effectively, I’ve booked myself out for the next three months! Everyone needs someone like Kendrick in their life. 😉
Nikki Groom

CEO + Founder, The F Factor

My business had a huge breakthrough and I have much more time and headspace.



Thank you so much, Kendrick, for all your devotion to us and our businesses. Thank you for the fantastic resources!
Karen K Trepte

Absolutely! 2 this week and one next week! and my opt-ins are up 20%
Got my first customer using Kendrick Shope’s awesome Sales School Consult script
Suzy Rosenstein

Happy to be sharing a win!!
4 LOVE follow-ups later and a client has resigned with me in one of my larger programs! woot-woot! <3 It’s all about the follow-up! I probably would have given up on her … But I know better now! Thank you Thank you, Kendrick Shope.
Lindsay Weisenthal

I booked 52k in business in one week.
Laura Husson

I’m so excited!<3 I just booked a new ideal client for my 6 months self-love/relationship healing program and I used all the tools we’ve been learning about how to conduct a successful consult. Thank you Kendrick Shope!

Diana Dorell

OMG…I just did the first consult call with my new pricing for my signature program using your sales script and I didn’t flinch! My potential client seems interested – going to talk to hubby- so excited and proud of myself!
Suzy Ruth

Just sharing a win, got into my first craft fair this week! Guess I’m gonna practice my face to face selling skills, ie be so charming they can’t stand Not buying something.
Krysta Ann Williams

I have a win to share! I had a sales conversation and closed with no objection shared! I already knew what she needed before the consult because she called me after a friend referred me and I took a moment to understand her needs so I could give her a quite on the consult. Then I invited her to go to my website and schedule a consult.

The best parts? She said, “Thank you for embracing my project” and told me she felt like I knew her and were speaking to her from my website copy!

Thank you, Kendrick! That’s the best feeling, isn’t it?
Now I have to make the adjustment on the English version as well.

Lais C Scortegagna

BTW – Kendrick rocks! I have studied marketing concepts for over 10 years and she still had a few concepts I have never heard explained in the way she does. The program is going to be gold.
Paul Tauterouff

I created a six month waiting list within eight weeks.

Kendrick showed me more effective ways to explain to potential clients how I can help them. I feel more confident than ever in my consult process. I also got ideas, tools, and approaches for handling the clients who do “need to think about it” or who truly can’t afford to work with me. I know how to respond to those answers without being too pushy or too passive.

Within a few weeks of working with Kendrick, I signed on three clients that would have otherwise said “no.” They were perfect clients for me, but they weren’t ready to say “yes” on the phone. With Kendrick’s help, I was able to do authentic, genuine, caring follow-up emails to help those prospects decide that I was the perfect coach for them…. and sign up to work with me. Then, within 8 weeks of working with Kendrick, I was able to fill a 6 month waiting list!

Not only did I get immediate results from working with Kendrick, the ideas she’s taught me will serve me and my business indefinitely. Thank you, Kendrick!!

Jenny Shih

Business Coach & Consultant

I just booked a $24,000 project and have five more possibilities on the books

I had to let this squeal out. Just got my first official acceptance for IndieBOOM, have partial acceptance from one another, and have 5 more possibles on the books.

Emily Thompson

Kendrick was a crucial part of helping me establish a strong foundation to grow my business, that resulted in me working with over 40 amazing private coaching clients with just my first offer!

If you were to ever find yourself frozen, unable to move, and standing in front of a speeding train, heading towards you at full speed…the person you would want coming to your rescue is Kendrick!!  She will get you unstuck and moving at warp speed!

While I was not standing in front of a speeding train, I was feeling stuck in the details of trying to keep all the fast moving pieces of my business heading in the right direction.

When I met Kendrick, I was just in the early stages of building my online presence.  While I consider myself an expert guide when it comes to helping my clients navigate their inner & outer worlds with skill and wisdom, there were elements of the setting up and growing my business that I was tired of doing alone.

Kendrick was a crucial part of helping me establish a strong foundation to grow my business, that resulted in me working with over 40 amazing private coaching clients with just my first offer!

More than anything, Kendrick has been an inspiration when it comes to how I practice over delivering to my clients.

Pramilda Zackhariyas

Life Purpose Coach & Inner Bling® Ignito

I had a new client for my premium program and 4 figures transferred to my Paypal account! What can I say? Kendrick rocks! Just one week after learning about authentic selling and how to create a consult that sells I had a new client for my premium program and 4 figures transferred to my Paypal account! Best of all the consult felt totally genuine, non-icky, and like helping a friend. My new client already emailed me to say she cannot wait to start and I feel the same! Work with this woman – she is gold!
Cat LeBlanc

I close nearly every client after learning Authentic Selling

I am not a salesperson (or so I thought), but recently I found myself doing some sales work – for my dad of all people (so no issues with needing to do a good job there, then!).

Kendrick’s laser sharp insight, excellent questions, skilled ability to listen and understand, and years of experience in sales, all combined to give me thirty of the most powerful minutes of coaching I’ve experienced in a long while.

She confidently asserted that she didn’t think I’d have any problems selling the product, and so far, she has been proved right. I take the approaches and strategies she taught me to every sales call, email and meeting, and I am experiencing amazing flow and ease in my work.

Kendrick, you are amazing. I cannot thank you enough.

Elloa Atkinson

I closed my first clients and my list grew 700% when working with Kendrick

Kendrick has a gift. Not just for sales, but for explaining to people (like me) who – in spite of reading countless articles – just can’t get their head around how best to write copy. I closed my first clients and my list grew 700% when working with Kendrick.  I went from feeling like I was floundering around, embarrassed of my “Work With Me” page, to understanding EXACTLY what I have to do to it, and being proud to show it off.

There were so many concepts that I had read about sales writing, but just couldn’t understand how they applied to me. In one short call,

Kendrick did what felt like opening doors in my head – all in her very own cheerful, charming, clear and easy to work with manner.I honestly feel like something significant has shifted in my brain – and I know it’s going to make a monumental difference to my business. Everything you’ve heard about what a genius Kendrick is, is TRUE. If you need help with sales, she will change your life

Marsha Shandur

Founder & Networking Mentor, Yes Yes Marsha

I would jump at an opportunity to work with Kendrick again.

I absolutely loved working with Kendrick. First and foremost Kendrick gave me the confidence that I can sell in a way that is true to me, and that yes – I can actually sell. We have all these funny ideas and preconceptions in our head that selling must be this or must be that, but Kendrick showed me that selling doesn’t need to be either.

Selling is all about being clear to yourself and your audience what value you provide and then show this to the world.  Working with Kendrick has been part of getting clearer on what I do and how I provide value to my customers and clients. In our sessions

Kendrick asked some very pointedly and relevant questions that made me rethink if what I’m trying to sell, actually is what I should be selling, or just what I think I should sell because it seems like the thing everyone else are doing.I adore Kendrick’s energy and her passion for her work, and for my work. I would jump at an opportunity to work with Kendrick again.

Solveig Malvik

Kendrick is a magician! Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over.

Throw any sales dilemma her way and she’ll transform it from jumbled mess into a crystal clear process. Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over. I now have a sales flow that I’m excited to use, and enables me to serve more of the people who need my help.

Alicia Cowan

Social Media Strategist

I have more clients, website copy I adore and that really speaks to my ideal client, and am able to lead my consultations with authentic confidence.

Kendrick embodies that rare combination of someone who is super professional and full of hands-on knowledge and tools, and at the same time, incredibly kind, real, and fun!

I appreciated this combination so much because it allowed me to enjoy the journey of learning as much as the results themselves… which, by the way were not shabby either: I have more clients, website copy I adore and that really speaks to my ideal client, and am able to lead my consultations with authentic confidence. I am a very visual person, so for me it was wonderful that our sessions took place over skype and that we were able to work on shared documents at the same time.

Every time we hung up, I felt like we had accomplished so much! I have no reservation about recommending Kendrick to anyone who values authenticity and is looking for someone who gives you feedback and tools that are not only valuable but really tailored for who you are and what you want to do in the world. I loved that Kendrick really heard me and saw who I am. I believe that’s the only way for me to create a business I will love in the long-run. If you have ever wondered about what it looks like if someone over-delivers again and again, work with Kendrick.

Caroline Zwick

Authenticity & Goal Setting Coach

Kendrick gave me a step by step plan and a full outline for a follow-up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in 5 days but went over my goal number by 25%!

Kendrick is the most generous coach I have ever met. With less than a week to go in my sales cycle, I had only sold half the spots in my upcoming online program. I decided to contact Kendrick for a mini-session hoping I could just get some tips on how to make the most of the last few days. Well, Kendrick gave me a step by step plan and a full outline for a follow up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in 5 days, but went over my goal number by 25%! I am constantly amazed  by the high quality, valuable content Kendrick provides her clients and potential clients alike. She is the real deal.

Megan Flatt

I can’t say enough good things about Kendrick Shope! I’ve already had a profit and a new sale from ONE simple tweak! How amazing is that?

Kendrick Shope is nothing short of magical. Both in her approach and in the results. You will feel as if a magic wand has been waived and selling is glittery joyously fun! The results keep multiplying and I can feel the whole process of selling shift into building relationships. Love this. She has opened my eyes and my business is reaping the benefits! Book her before you need to be put on a wait list!

Share Ross

Producer, Video Rockstar University

More value in 30 minutes than a year long mastermind. One more ‘hire my help’ package sold today over $1200.00

I’ve worked with coaches, taken courses, signed up for memberships and joined mastermind groups that didn’t give me half of the clarity that I got from 30 minutes on the phone with Kendrick. You are f*cking awesome. Thank you

Amy Wright

The Mom CEO

Just got a laser sales coaching call from Kendrick Shope about how to create a raving fan with every interaction. Most powerful 30 minutes I’ve spent on a call! Because of Kendrick’s help, I was able to speak to my ideal customer avatar with confidence. And the woman is even championing me for a speaking engagement in front of Fortune 500 co’s. That is big for me. If you want to learn no-pressure sales tactics from an experienced pro, she is the go to gal. Thanks Kendrick.
Christina Caudill

Founder and Health Coach, Radiance Advisor

Kendrick is the perfect mix of kind, funny and sales genius. Within about two seconds of chatting with her I felt like we were old friends-all that was missing was a couple of glasses of sweet tea! For years I’ve said, “Sales is not my thing,” and I meant it! But through my work with Kendrick I was able to realize why I felt so negative about sales: I was equating sales with the “hard sell”. Kendrick opened my eyes and heart to selling in a way that feels good to me and my prospects. Now I feel great about approaching prospects because my consult and sales process includes the values I hold so dear: Honesty, integrity, respect, low-pressure and sincere care for all involved. Huge thanks to Kendrick for reframing sales and giving me the tools and mojo to serve those who need me.
Steph Gordon

Side Hustle Coach

I’ve never seen the level of limitless love as what you display for the people you work with. It’s unlike anyone else’s brand. Sales is something that you deeply understand. You tell people where the pitfalls are, where the quicksand is, and how to navigate around it
Dyana Valentine


Kendrick helped me clarify the roadblocks I put up for myself. She energized my spirit and gave me a clear focus as to my next step. Her devotion in getting to the bottom of my issues was so appreciated and I can’t thank her enough! I sincerely hope that many others will get to benefit from Kendrick’s wisdom and joyful approach. She was wonderfully generous with her time and absolutely went above and beyond for me. Since it doesn’t get much better than that I will of course be recommending her to others.
Ruth Nicholas

Writer / Artist

Thank you so much for your time during the mini-session. I know you said it wouldn’t be a sales pitch but in the back of my mind I thought it might end up being one and all of my budgeting fears bubbled to the surface. I was nervous for no reason. There was no pitch, just extremely valuable sales lessons.

In fifteen minutes, you immediately identified the challenges I face as a new entrepreneur still working a full-time job and a mom of two. You made me feel like my dreams are totally doable, you went above and beyond helping me research a question about testimonials, and you helped me solve a problem I didn’t even know I had: the fear of not having enough time to serve my clients once they click “pay”!
I am now super confident I can grow my business in manageable steps and you reinforced that sales is really a process of giving. This one lesson will increase the value of my program 10x for my customers.
Thank you and I look forward to working more with you!

Cara Citrowske

MA, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Just have to say that Kendrick Shope is pretty amazing – had a mini-consult with her today and she helped me strategize ways to maximize the benefits of my free practical manifestation call tomorrow! If you think you’ve got the marketing down but need a boost in the “selling” department, Kendrick’s your gal.
Sabrina Bolin

Mind Body Soul Coach

In case you were launching something or looking for sales help you NEED Kendrick Shope – she is worth EVERY penny she charges. I have always known what to do next (and how to do it). I not only hit my sales goal I’m probably going to exceed it over the next two days. And the thing I’ve heard most often the last few weeks: “How can I help you? What do you need from me?” Worth. Every. Penny.
Megan Potter

Limitless Life coach Extraordinaire

I made $500 in less than 4 days on my first online offering ever!

I had about four hours before I was set to host my live webinar, where i was going to sell something. There was only 1 problem, I hated selling. By some miracle I was introduced to Kendrick Shope. In just 1 hour, she was able to help me work on my pitch for the offer I was introducing on the webinar (which I didn’t even have before talking to her). She even went in and helped me clean up my sales page so that it was more clear, concise and effective.The ending of this story goes something like this; I made $500 in less than 4 days on my first online offering ever! Kendrick has an incredible gift to get right to the heart of the matter of what you offer. She’s attentive, passionate and SO much fun to talk to. Who knew mastering sales could be so much fun!

Elsa Isaac

Fashion & Image Stylist

I just had the most helpful session with Kendrick Shope! Not only is she a great sales coach, she helped me get clarity o a part of my business that isn’t directly related to sales. SOOOOOOOO encouraging.
Hannah Kallio

A mere 15 minute chat with Kendrick, combined with her “offers that sell” guide completely shifted my perspective on selling. And her wisdom helped take my sales page from just ok to great. I’m now confident that my program accurately reflects the needs of my clients. And I have Kendrick to thank for it!
Ramya West

Founder & Career Strategist, , Confident Career Woman

Last night had an amazing session with Kendrick Shope in 15 minutes she’d zoned in on questions I’d been asking myself for months (she caught this even before I’d said them out loud), then found the answer and got right back to me. What a doll! she’s one talented coach. Sometimes you just really need to bounce your ideas off of someone else to keep on the path and keep your focus.
Sarah Ives

Raw Food Instructor and Coach, Oh My Raw!

Had the BEST ever conversation with Kendrick this morning! She is so helpful and really knows how to point you in the right direction! I cannot wait to put into action the brilliant ideas she gave me! Kendrick Shope you are amazing and so generous to all of us here!!! You made my day!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! XO
Roberta Fitzsimmons

Conversation Strategist, Roberta Relates

I had a free fifteen minute appointment with her a few days ago. She was lovely to speak with, and gave me great advice with how to present my pricing to my clients. I just needed a few key phrases, and I’m sure my next consult will go much better.
Shannon Confair

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick thanks to Kendrick, for sharing their advice on how to have EASY 15 min sessions.
I followed all your advice about setting up the expectations and using skype/phone numbers and I must say, this round of 1 on1 mtgs with people has been SOOOO MUCH BETTER than the last time I did this.
I had 31 ppl sign up and I’m roughly half done. Thanks!!
Farideh Danger

HAPPY DANCE O’CLOCK :: Did my first ever “sales call” (they’ve all been mini or not so mini- haha consults) and heard the words SO HOW DO I PROCEED….music to my ears. even if she doesn’t “pay to play” that felt really good and was a HUGE milestone for me 🙂 Thank you Kendrick Shope for the strategy and confidence to do this right!
Julia Slike

Kendrick rocks. She’s a font of sales knowledge and breaks shit down into bite-size, manageable chunks. It makes it easy to process. The follow up templates to send to potential clients were worth the price of the course alone. Keep being awesome.
Becky T. Dickson

By having the tools, guidelines, and therefore confidence to actively sell to my clients, I have been able to increase my proposal-to-job rate. I made over 40K after one session with Kendrick
Sales School rocked my socks.
Emily Thompson

Designer & Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs, Indie Shopography

Kendrick is AMAZING. She is the most supportive mentor ever! Sales school is a must for business owners who are serious about becoming successful

She absolutely delivers and is truly providing services “uncommonly well!

Sales school is a must for business owners who are serious about becoming successful. Kendrick has a wealth of sales information that breaks down the art of selling in an authentic way. She was born with the gift of sales and really cares about her clients successes! Love her!

Debra Rezendes

Happiness Expert for the Modern Mom

I have definitely experienced a massive shift in my mindset towards sales and abundance.

I loved the way that Kendrick really encouraged us to apply what works for her. She really knows what she’s talking about and made sales feel like a positive part of our business.

Sarah Michelle Brown

Sales School had so many “a-ha!” moments, it’s ridiculous. I couldn’t take notes fast enough sometimes, because it was just all gold.

I had pretty high expectations, but that’s because Kendrick always brings it…Kendrick’s wisdom and advice and skills have given me so much more confidence when it comes time to sell myself. Seriously, this was an incredible experience all the way around.

I feel like I have the tools in my arsenal which will make it possible for me to make my dreams come true. And I mean that, completely. Thank you SO MUCH, Kendrick, for doing what you do and for doing it in the way you do it. You’re a breath of fresh air but you also know your stuff.

I’ve already experienced success. I’ve gone into sales calls with confidence, I’ve developed a follow-up plan which I honestly would never had thought of prior to now, I don’t feel crushed when I don’t make the sale upfront because I know that it’s all about follow-up,

I know how to address common objections in a non-pushy way, I don’t feel slimy or salesy in my interactions, I’m not afraid to be seen as slimy because I know I’m not BEING slimy and so I’m not holding myself back from going for the call/sale, I can honestly see myself taking my business above and beyond my expectations thanks to this program.

There were so many “a-ha!” moments, it’s ridiculous. I couldn’t take notes fast enough sometimes, because it was just all gold. Again, not just saying that. Kendrick’s approach, delivery, warmth and no-nonsense attitude all came together with her expertise and just made this a wonderful experience all the way around.

Jennifer Bardall

I learned everything I hoped in Sales School + so much more!

I love the consistency + energy of Sales School. Kendrick absolutely rocked our group calls with style + a sweet sense of humor that always kept our learning light + easy. Learning how to sell feels so fun working with Kendrick…just the way learning should be!

Thank you! Being part of this community + learning with you has been such a gift, Kendrick. So appreciate your generosity of spirit and soulful, loving, support. You’re pretty frickin’ rad. 😉

Denise Dare

Overall, Kendrick actually empowered me with completely new thinking about selling (which I had previously thought was practically impossible). This broke down a HUGE barrier in my business because it was the one singular area that I had an enormous block in and I knew I was going to have to overcome this block in order to move forward and be successful in my business. I must also say that I very much enjoyed

Kendrick’s ability to be honest with us, candid, vulnerable in sharing her own stories and experiences, and her complete & utter professionalism.

I just loved it SO much that I think I didn’t want it to end!!!

I no longer cringe when I think of the act of selling to my audience! I actually view it as an act of service…THIS is amazing! And I know that because of this mindset change i will , in turn, attract more of the right clients to do business with moving forward! I know that I have benefitted from witnessing how Kendrick modeled showing up & doing the work with & for us. She was so incredibly dedicated & cared SO much. That was beautiful to see and i really respect that in her and wish to have that same devotion and professionalism in my business.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the gift of Sales School. Thank you to Kendrick & everyone else on her team that made it all flow together so smoothly! You are all amazing. I wish you only great success moving forward & look forward to telling everyone I possibly can about how outstanding & necessary Authentic Selling truly is!

Tanya McGill Freeman

Sales School is just incredible. I truly think every business owner would benefit from it.

Kendrick goes REALLY deep into methods of selling – and gives tangible, practical advice. Not only is she exceptionally thorough, she also makes things very clear – so you don’t ever feel left behind. In addition, she goes through EVERYONE’S homework. I am blown away by how much one-on-one feedback she gives – with the homework, on the weekly Tutor Time calls, and in the Facebook group.

Yes, Kendrick has a gift when it comes to teaching authentic, non-icky sales to people (like me!) who had never before done any (and were, let’s be honest, TERRIFIED of the prospect). But it’s also very clear that she LOVES helping us learn. She doesn’t need to put in as much time as she does to help people individually in the course – but she does it for the love of her job.

Of all the different skills you need to learn as a business owner, sales is the most important. I recommend Sales School to my clients all the time. If you’re only going to take ONE specialized business course – make it this one. You absolutely won’t regret it.

Marsha Shandur

I’m writing to say a big thank you because I just got my first paying client as a direct result of Sales School.

I buddied up with a fellow student for the pitch free mini session homework and she ended up booking me for a copy makeover.

I’ve been doing freebies for the last couple of months and it’s so lovely to finally get paid for the value I provide.

I wanted to reach out to you and express my gratitude. Sales School is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

You’re awesome!

Jehane Sharah

Thank you for the gift of Sales School this year. It has changed my world and allowed me to approach my business in a way like never before. I tell others about your program wherever I go. Best wishes!
Stephanie Kirschner

President/Owner, SLK Management Solutions LLC

I honestly can’t imagine launching a program or filling one of my high-end year-long mentorships without Kendrick’s wisdom, insight, and guidance. I’ve never met anyone who approaches sales the way she does. Using her methods, I’ve comes to feel that “selling” isn’t a pushy sleazy thing I have to do in addition to my coaching work– instead, it becomes an ethical, compassionate, integrated part of the process. That’s because it’s all about figuring out exactly what problems I can help people solve– and articulately that really really clearly to them. I know that sounds simple, but learning her Authentic Selling process will totally transform your business and your revenue. Kendrick is fun, hilarious, and kind, but she’s also one of the keenest business minds I’ve ever encountered. If you want to know how to fill your programs or sell your products and feel GREAT about it, you should work with her.
Anna Kunnecke

Master Life Coach & founder of The Queen Sweep

Do you ever feel like you are going round and round in circles trying to figure out exactly what to say to your clients?

Well I have to tell you I have just had the most AMAZING call with Kendrick Shope! I have been trying to figure out the right words for the last few weeks and she completely nailed it within 20 minutes!!

I can already feel the weight being lifted and so much clarity pouring in, I am going to look back on this call in the months ahead knowing it was a complete game changer for me! So much gratitude for this amazing lady! Thank you so much Kendrick!

Louise Botwright

Empowerment Coach

One tweak I learned from KTV resulted in an immediate yes from a client and another four months package sold.

Just wanted to say, I was inspired by this week’s KTV and finally followed up with two previous clients with a follow on package. One has gotten back to me straight away and booked in for another 4 months – hurrah.

Joanna Byrne

Authentic Selling led to a 33% increase in sales for my business. Listening to Kendrick makes me money.

A big hug to you Kendrick! I listened to your video training you did a couple of weeks ago about following up and I applied. I sent an email to my subscribers about a good product I use and like and made 6 sales. Then, I asked myself: how can I apply what I just learned to this? So, a few days later I sent another email, with a different subject line, to the people I had sent the first one but who hadn’t opened it. And I made 2 more sales! So that’s 33% more sales. I would usually have stopped with the first email. The power of following up! Listening to Kendrick makes me money. 🙂

Anne Ricci



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