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Proven Money Maker

There are many things you need to do to run a business that makes money. Selling is clearly one of the areas I’m most passionate about, but this week’s Authentic Selling Challenge has nothing to do with selling. Yet it’s one of the MOST damaging mistakes businesses make.

What’s interesting, is that no one is immune to this error. I’ve witnessed both brand new businesses and million dollar companies experience limited growth and dwindling revenue as a result of the exact same error.

If you want to make more money in 2016 (who doesn’t?) c’mon over to make sure you’ve included this proven money maker for your business.

You’ve likely heard me say that list building is one of the most overlooked skill sets in the online industry. BUT many businesses believe they have the box checked on list building and move on too quickly to something else.

This is a HUGE mistake.

Experts say that for every 1000 people on your list you will make about one hundred thousand dollars. If you want to make six figures in 2016, you need a plan hit at least 1000 people on your list.

Studies show one to three percent of your list converts into a paying customer. So if you’ve got a list size of 200 people, you can expect to convert about 4 people (2%).
The more people on your list, the more likely you’ll be to hit those revenue goals and make money in your business. [TWEET THAT]

Your Authentic Selling Challenge
Check your subscriber list and calculate how many people you’ll need added to your list to hit your 2016 revenue goal. Post your target number below.

Need some help figuring out how many subscribers you need to hit your revenue goal? Post your stats below and I’ll help you crunch the numbers so you can use this week’s Authentic Selling Challenge to jump start your 2016 goals.

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