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Playing Oprah Giveaway 2019

There’s a reason I’m called the “most overdelivering woman online!”  I think it’s because gift-giving in my love language!  

Do you know your love language? 

Learning my love language was LIFE-CHANGING for me.  I always felt so dang guilty about wanting to spend money on myself and others.  Imagine my delight when I learned that was actually the way I showed love to myself and others!  

But why do you care?  Because it’s time for our annual give-back event to you. 

We call it “Playing Oprah Giveaway” and it’s totally free, nothing to sell you at the beginning, middle, or end.  It’s just our way to kick off the holiday season with a few of my FAVORITE things and give them to you!

Watch below to get the information on Playing Oprah Giveaway and how you can win some absolutely amazing business-building gifts FREE.

Click here to be registered to win one of the Playing Oprah 2019 prizes 

So many amazing things to give away!!

  • Admission to Kendrick Shope’s Sales School 2020 – Value $10,000
  • Funnel Strategy Package by Mia Alysse Farrington – Value $2500 
  • The Sales School Library – Value $997
  • Admission to Natalie Combe’s How To Nail Your Pricing And Pay Yourself What You’re Worth – Value $770
  • DIY Client Agreement for working with 1-on-1 clients by Lisa Fraley – Value $297
  • Your Captivating Opt In by Lais Scortegagna – Value $396
  • Get Your First $1000 Subscribers from Jenny Shih – Value $299
  • Offers That Convert by Jenny Shih – Value $97 
  • Grease that Biz Machine with Pre-Written Standard Operating Procedures by Chelle Weech – Value $97

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